Mornings with Jesus Magazine – Daily Devotionals for Your Spirit

Top Mornings with Jesus Devotional Magazine Features

  • 6 issues (1 full year) with 365 daily devotions
  • Scripture verses to bless your day
  • Encouraging, uplifting devotionals to help you experience a deeper relationship with Jesus
  • Faith Steps to help put Jesus’ words into action
Mornings with Jesus Magazine – Daily Devotionals for Your Spirit


“Every day I feel a deep connection with Jesus.”

“I am in awe of how Jesus works in my life.”

“I want to follow Him, and this helps.”

Magazine Description

Mornings with Jesus is an inspiring daily devotional magazine that blesses you with Jesus’ words, His teachings, and His Wisdom.  When you read the words of Jesus and think about His Lessons and miracles, you’ll discover how His words relate to the problems and concerns we all face. You’ll find more strength, courage, joy and peace to meet the challenges of each day.  Put the world on hold and step into the presence of Jesus, who gladly takes our burdens and stress and restores them with the peace that surpasses understanding.

Daily Encouragement...

In Mornings with Jesus Magazine, you can enjoy daily devotionals that will encourage you to embrace Jesus’ love, to lay down your worries and walk with Him. Mornings with Jesus magazine will help you to consider the character and teachings of Jesus and will empower you daily. Every devotional includes a scripture verse, reflection on Jesus’ words, and a faith step that inspires and challenges you in your daily walk of living a Christ-like life.