Mysterious Ways – Discover the Inspiration of Everyday Miracles

Top Features

  • 6 bimonthly issues (1 full year)
  • Signs that God reaches out to us in unexpected ways
  • Mysterious events that seem to involve a higher power
  • True stories of everyday miracles
Mysterious Ways – Discover the Inspiration of Everyday Miracles


“This is a wonderfully inspiring magazine! Exceeded my expectations in writing, variety and true testimonies of God in action!”

“Mysterious Ways is another wonderful Guideposts magazine! Once you start reading it, you can’t put it down.”

Magazine Description

Mysterious Ways is a magazine from the editors of Guideposts filled with true stories of extraordinary moments and everyday miracles that reveal a hidden spiritual force at work in our lives. Mysterious Ways started as a column in Guideposts magazine over twenty-five years ago. Readers loved it so much it has grown into its own magazine!

Always Thought Provoking…

Mysterious Ways magazine publishes true, inspiring stories of miracles happening every day. Each bimonthly issue is full of personal, spine-tingling stories by real people who’ve experienced circumstances that prove a force higher than us is at work in our lives. Be inspired by extraordinary experiences like a stranger’s perfectly timed act of kindness, or a deceased loved one appearing in a dream just when they are needed the most, even a delayed flight leading to an unexpected family reunion.  Mysterious Ways will uncover a world touched by a power beyond understanding, reassuring you that some circumstances are always more than coincidence.