Mysterious Ways Magazine

Mysterious Ways Magazine

Mysterious Ways, a magazine filled with true stories of extraordinary moments and everyday miracles that reveal a spiritual force at work in our lives. You’ll read inspiring stories of miraculous healings unexplained by modern medicine, stories of strange and startling circumstances that led to love, and signs that God reaches out to us in unexpected ways. Plus, mysterious events from around the world that seem to involve a higher power. Discover the inspiration of everyday miracles!


Mysterious Ways Magazine

From the Editor

Mysterious Ways Magazine

“What do you believe?” After journalism school, I was a skeptic. Fact-checking stories for Mysterious Ways seemed like the wrong job. These stories of “wonders” and “miracles” couldn’t be real.

Incredibly, the more I dug, I uncovered a world touched by a power beyond understanding. Comfort, protection, inspiration, healing, and meaningful connections sprung from unlikely places, ordinary things.

Like a fifty-dollar bill. A gift from my late grandfather. “Spend it on the girl you’ll marry,” Pop told me. I’d dated since, but kept the treasured bill hidden in my wallet.

Then I bumped into a girl on the street. I was smitten. For our first date, I took her to a cute neighborhood place I didn’t know was “Cash Only.” With tip, the check came to exactly $50.

Before Mysterious Ways, I would have found an ATM. Now? It was a sign. I laid the fifty down.

Today that girl is my wife.

Discover what you’ve been missing. Go beyond belief with us.

Mysterious Ways Magazine
Adam Hunter

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