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  • Our most exciting mystery yet!
  • Life moves at a slower pace…neighbors are good friends
  • Faith and family are held dear
  • Intriguing mysteries are waiting to be solved

“The best mysteries I’ve read in ears!” – Lori P.

Product Description

Travel to the quaint village of Lancaster, Maine nestled along the shores of Chickadee Lake.  This peaceful little paradise is a popular tourist destination, which is why cousins Jan Blake and Elaine Cook decide to open a tearoom in the Victorian home they just purchased.

Then join in the fun of solving the mysteries alongside the cousins as they find themselves in the middle of situations that take perseverance and faith to work out. Adding to that a budding romance with an old beau, a whirlwind of family and friends, the exciting adventures of a new life, and you’ll find yourself wrapped up in stories you won’t want to put down.

Preview Excerpt

Tearoom for Two

Elaine Cook found an empty space in the crowded parking lot of the Mainely Bargains Flea Market. Her cousin Jan Blake, who sat in the passenger seat, looked at her watch.

“Good! We have an hour and a half before we need to be at the lawyer’s office.”

Elaine smiled. “Plenty of time.  And the best part is, this is the first weekend the flea market’s been open this season. It hasn’t been picked over yet.”

The two women got out of the car, and Elaine locked the doors. As they walked toward the large, barnlike structure that housed the flea market, she placed a hand on Jan’s shoulder.

“Do you realize that in two hours, we’ll be owners of that gorgeous house on the lake?”

Jan looked up at Elaine with the same giddy smile she used to wear in junior high, when they learned school was canceled for a snow day. “I know! I’m so excited. We’re actually going to do it!”

Inside, four long rows of tables awaited their exploration. Elaine liked to look at everything when she went to a sale, and she realized she’d have to pace herself if she wanted a glimpse of every booth

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