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  • Wondrous tales of Christmas hope
  • Deeply emotional faith-based plots
  • Engaging characters that you’ll never forget

“I felt these books really hit home and portrayed the real meaning of Christmas.”

Product Description

Now you can celebrate the joy of Christmas, and be uplifted by reminders that God’s blessings often come when they’re least expected yet most needed.

Begin with an exciting ride down Rt. 66 with two women who are determined to spread holiday cheer.  Then, marvel at how one woman’s act of kindness, transforms her friends into Christmas angels.  Each story will leave your heart filled with new wonder, and together they will make you feel like its Christmas every day.

In The Christmas Joy Ride, eighty-five-year-old Joy shares her somewhat wacky plan, to spread Christmas joy across the country in an old RV decked out in Christmas lights.  She plans to drive over a thousand miles to Phoenix, to live nearer to her sons and grandchildren.  Along the way she wants to distribute special Christmas packages to families who won a contest on a Christmas website she has hosted for years.  Her neighbor, Miranda, is insistent that Joy can’t make the trip alone, and offers to join her  Unemployed, and facing foreclosure, Miranda feels she has little to lose by going on this Route 66 adventure, and it’s a welcome distraction.  Almost immediately, the women discover that the promise and hope of the season is real!

In The Christmas Angel Project good friends who form a book club are shocked when their friend, Abby, unexpectedly passes away on the cusp of the Christmas season.  When the group gathers again to mourn their friend, they find a bag of gifts Abby left for them.  In it they discover she had made each of them an angel ornament for Christmas with a sweet and personal note.  Inspired by her words and her loving gesture, they decide to commit themselves to becoming Christmas Angels to help others in need, and in the process they unleash more Christmas joy than they ever imagined.

The Christmas Joy Ride

Preview Excerpt

Christmas in a box—what could be better? Joy Jorgenson smiled with sat­isfaction as she placed the last bundle of colored lights in the red plastic storage box. She set the filled box on top of a green plastic bin. She’d packed more than thirty boxes and bins during the past couple of weeks. Each one was filled with carefully selected Christmas decorations, some dating clear back to the 1940s. All sorts of trinkets and treasures . . . all packed with love and with hope. She uncapped her black felt pen, carefully printing TULSA in all caps on the top of the red box.

“Yoo-hoo?” A female voice called out from the front of the garage. “You in there, Joy?”

“Back here.” Joy peered over to where she’d left the big door up, seeing a silhouette in the sunlight. She slowly pushed herself to her feet. The creak­iness in her bones reminded her of her age. And today it felt as if all eighty-five years were pulling on her like lead weights. Across the shadowy space she spied someone moving through the musty garage. Unless she was mistaken, it was Miranda Fortner.

“Miranda!” Joy exclaimed as her young neighbor’s face became visible. “Oh, I’m so glad to see you.” She opened her arms to give her friend a big warm hug. “When did you get back?”

“Just a few minutes ago,” Miranda told her.

“I missed you so much. But I’m sure your sister was grateful for your help. How is that new baby?”

“Just fine. But it’s good to be home. Between the toddler twins and Faye’s new little one, that house was like a never-ending three-ring circus.” Miranda looked around the garage. “What are you doing out here anyway?”

“Just a little, uh, organizing.” Joy stooped to pick up the bin she’d just filled.

“Hey, let me get that.” Miranda took the bin from Joy. “You shouldn’t be carrying heavy things.”

“Oh, it’s not that heavy.” Joy let out a tired sigh. “But thank you, dear. I was just feeling my years. Take it on out to the driveway . . . with the others.”

“What on earth are you doing with all these bins and boxes?” Miranda set it down next to the other ones that Joy had already lined up outside of the garage.