Pass It On

An artist's rendering of a computer with a recycling logo on its monitor screen
Finding Life Purpose

Pass It On: Digital Soul

A New Jersey group donates refurbished older computers to families who can use them.

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Santa working on a toy in his workshop
Finding Life Purpose

Pass It On: Santa's Workshop

These full-grown men makes unlikely elves, except at Christmastime.

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A cooked turkey on a Thanksgiving Day table
Positive Living

Pass It On: A New Tradition

They found a new way to celebrate the lives of departed loved ones at Thanksgiving.

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An illustration of a plane leaving a heart-shaped smoke trail
Positive Thinking

Pass It On: Earning Her Wings

A trip to see her family was put off when she saw the chance to help a wounded soldier.

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An artist's rendering of a dog and cat with empty food bowls.

Pass It On: Free Kibble!

She found a way to help care for dogs and cats in shelters, one bit of kibble at a time.

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