Passover is a reminder to each of us to remember the awesome power of God, who led the Israelites from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the promised land.
Stories of Hope

How Passover Helps Us Emerge from Life’s ‘Narrow Straits’

Coming through a tight place into the openness of freedom is a story for the ages—and for our time.

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Seder meal
Positive Living

How Jews are Adapting Their Passover Seders This Year

Technology and creativity are helping people continue their Passover traditions.

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Courage to take the first step
Stories of Faith

A Beautiful Passover Lesson in Courage

An often-overlooked moment in the Exodus story teaches us the power of taking the first step.

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Seder at Passover
Positive Thinking

How Passover Is a Model of Authentic Positivity

Truly celebrating the joy of liberation means facing the struggles we’ve endured.

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'Kitchen scene with Christ in the house of Martha and Mary', Velázquez,
Women in the BIble

Martha of Bethany

Martha was a personal friend of Jesus. She remained faithful when Jesus arrived too late to save her brother Lazarus.

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The story of Exodus at Passover.
Inspiring Stories

Passover and the Fight for Freedom

On Passover, when Jews celebrate liberation, we remember the fight for freedom continues.

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The freedom of Passover.
Stories of Faith

Freedom and Hope: A Passover Message for Everyone

A journey to freedom is a metaphor that can inspire followers of all faiths. 

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The real meaning of Passover.
God's Grace

The Real Meaning of Passover

The Passover story didn’t end with the Exodus. The Haggadah is the story of us.

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A Holy Week Journey from the Last Supper to Easter

A Holy Week Journey from the Last Supper to Easter

Glimpse the land where Jesus walked in this slideshow featuring photographs from the Holy Land.

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