Peace in the world and peace in your heart are part of the same yearning for wholeness, connection, and calm. Pursue peace every day, and your life will be all the richer for your effort.

"Just to Say Hello" August cover
People Helping People

"Just to Say Hello" Greeting Card

Make someone's day! Send this friendly e-card to family and friends.

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A wedding band on the sand.
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Finding Serenity in Chaos

Change and acceptance are essential in reaching serenity. Here are six ways to get to that peaceful state of mind.

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how to avoid stress eating; man holds a hamburger in one hand and the black steering wheel of a car in the other
Health and Wellness

6 Tips to Stop Stress-Eating Now

Are you really hungry or just stress-eating? Know the signs and break the cycle with these tips.

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Beach quotes, Quotes about the beach

Beach Quotes to Inspire Your Vacation

Escape from your day with these images and inspiring quotes about the beach.

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3 ways to live mindfully
Life Advice

3 Ways to Live Mindfully

Mindfulness meditation is effective, healthful—and available to you wherever you are.

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Coping with a military deployment
Military Families

A Blessing in the Making

A military family and friends pull together during the worries over a deployment–and find grace.

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A flower blooming through the crack
Positive Thinking

Inspiring Quotes About Peace

We hope these quotes about peace will bring you comfort and serenity.

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Peace be with you.
Inspiring Stories

Instead of Anger, 'Peace Be with You'

Instead of expressing anger towards someone who has betrayed you, offer peace instead.

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4 Tips to Help You Let Go of Resentment
Bible Resources

4 Tips to Help You Let Go of Resentment

Tips and Scripture to help you remove bitterness from your heart and spirit.

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