Peace in the world and peace in your heart are part of the same yearning for wholeness, connection, and calm. Pursue peace every day, and your life will be all the richer for your effort.
Are you a prayer warrior? Photo by B-C-Designs, Thinkstock.
Power of Prayer

On-Call Prayer Warrior

Sometimes your prayer could be the difference between life and death.

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Edie Melson's cat, Emily Dickinson.
Military Outreach Stories

Don’t Fear the Stillness

How a cat led the way back to spending quiet time with God.

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Tired woman. Photo by NADOFOTOS, Thinkstock.
How to Pray

Sleep-Deprived Prayer

How exhaustion can lead to having an ongoing conversation with God.

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How to pray on social media. Photo by scanrail, Thinkstock.
How to Pray

5 Ways to Pray on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ all offer opportunities for prayer.

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A long red scarf floats on the breeze.

Worries Carried Away by the Wind

Under the weather and worried, she was cheered by a scarf that seemed lighter than air.

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Pray the psalms. Photo by Michael Petersheim, Thinkstock.
How to Pray

Pray the Psalms

Savor those words; relish, consume, drink them in, be nourished by them.

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This New Year, be more like a dog! Photo by Peggy Frezon.

New Year’s Resolution–Be More Like My Dogs

How does a dog's life apply to your spiritual life? You'd be surprised! Or not.

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Happy 60th Birthday, Rick Hamlin!
Power of Prayer

A Prayer Upon Turning 60

The years count more now. And they can be full of love, kindness, understanding and peace.

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A woman practices mindfulness outside on an autumn afternoon.
Health and Wellness

At Peace in the Present

If you could benefit from being in the moment, mindfulness may be for you.

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Have a Christmas of the heart!
Prayer Stories

Christmas in the Heart

 Lord, may we discover the inner joy of Christmas. 

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