Peace in the world and peace in your heart are part of the same yearning for wholeness, connection, and calm. Pursue peace every day, and your life will be all the richer for your effort.
Bags packed for deployment
Military Outreach Stories

5 Things to Remember During Deployment

How to combat the fear and stress for military families at a tough time

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A semi truck barrels down the highway.
Power of Prayer

What Prayer Can Do: Early Warning

It soon became clear why she experienced a sudden impulse to pray for protection.

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An artist's rendering of Helen's vision of angels on a staircase

After Attacks on Pearl Harbor, a Host of Christmas Angels

A woman remembers the day she heard about Pearl Harbor—and the grand dome of a basilica opening up to reveal a sight she'd never forget.

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Jackie Jansen and a light-filled sky
God's Grace

A Smile Sent from Heaven

Sometimes it pays to look to the sky when you're having a problem.

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Soldier saluting the flag.
Military Outreach Stories

Wars and Rumors of War

Will your loved one be deployed? How to cope with that worry.

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Shawnelle's youngest son proudly sports his first shiner.

Boyhood Bumps, Bruises and Beyond

We can't shield our kids from all pain. But we can teach them to call on the Lord.

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Tony Cicoria at the piano

The Lightning Sonata

A man struck by lightning is moved to write a piece of music. Was it divine inspiration?

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An open laptop sitting on rumpled bedsheets
Coping With Illness

A Poem for the Pain

She awakened from a nap to find an inspiring poem on her laptop. But who wrote it?

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Actor Karl Malden
Movies and TV

Guideposts Classics: Karl Malden on Finding Peace

In this story from April 1975, actor Karl Malden shares his secret for finding calm in the midst of a hectic day.

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Oprah Winfrey in the spotlight on stage at the Verizon Center
Finding Life Purpose

How to Get the 'Life You Want'

Oprah Winfrey's national tour is all about connecting to God and finding your purpose

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