Peace in the world and peace in your heart are part of the same yearning for wholeness, connection, and calm. Pursue peace every day, and your life will be all the richer for your effort.
An artist's rendering of a puzzle piece with part of the Coca-Cola logo

An Angelic Assist

A widower can't find the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle–but does his late wife lend a hand?

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Shawnelle and her husband, Lonny

Marriage–Finding a Pause

Stepping back from the busyness of life and into a moment just for the two of you

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Mother and son at the airport
Positive Living

You Are Called, and Equipped

How to handle a stressful situation with grace, dignity and love

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woman with arms outstretched in a field of wheat.
Bible Resources

Bible Verses to Help You Have Peace of Mind

Tips and Scripture to feel God's guidance, strength and comfort.

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Shawnelle's son Isaiah as a baby on his favorite blanket, Mine-O-Mine.

Finding Peace and Rest

The Holy Spirit is the conduit through which God’s love and grace flow.

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Guideposts Editor in Chief Edward Grinnan
God's Grace

When the Unthinkable Happens

God is not the reason for acts of terror. He is the excuse.

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A parade in honor of our troops.
Military Outreach Stories

Praying With and For Military Families

Calling all prayer warriors to support military families in uncertain times.

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ambulance with lights flashing speeding down the highway

Angel in the Ambulance

A mother's worst nightmare turns into a miracle thanks to a heavenly healing hand in this excerpt from Dreams of Angels.

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Guideposts Classics: Graham Kerr's Spiritual Awakening
Stories of Hope

Guideposts Classics: Graham Kerr's Spiritual Awakening

In this story from September 1976, TV's Galloping Gourmet and his wife share the story of how faith in God healed their marriage.

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Seeds of Devotion blogger Julia Attaway

The Two-Mile Mark

We each have an inner odometer that measures the distance we must travel from inner discomfort to peace.

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