Peace in the world and peace in your heart are part of the same yearning for wholeness, connection, and calm. Pursue peace every day, and your life will be all the richer for your effort.
A young girl in a soccer uniform, with a yellow butterfly on her left shoulder

Mumsie's Butterfly Angel

A promised sign from beyond assured a family that their beloved friend was at peace.

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Shawnelle and her dog.

Putting Trust in the Empty Places

Empty places can feel vast and dark and void. But the Lord is right here with us.

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Shawnelle's son Isaiah safely asleep!

Fighting Fear by Holding Truth

God's love moves into the places where my heart harbors fear.

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Ady embraces her daughter's killer.
Positive Living

The Power of Forgiveness

Watch this Florida mother hug her daughter's killer, in an inspiring act of forgiveness.

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Hear the Hush of Jesus' Spirit
Daily Devotions

Hear the Hush of Jesus' Spirit

No matter how loudly life shouts at you, you can still feel the powerful peace of His presence with this excerpt from Mornings with Jesus Daily Bible.

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Lacey Sturm reflects on how Jesus saved her from suicide.
Emotional and Mental Health

Lacey Sturm's Powerful Testimony

Rock singer shares how God saved her from committing suicide.

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Older couple watching the sunset

Old Is Gold

Tips from the Bible to help you see aging as one of God's greatest gifts.

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an empty bird nest
Managing Life Changes

Field Notes on an Empty Nest

A mother reflects on the moment her son spread his wings and went off to college.

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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Bible Resources

The Secret of Living Happily in an Unhappy World

Two startlingly simple ideas to help you live a happy life.

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author Thomas Moore
Positive Living

In Search of an Inner Voice

Best-selling author Thomas Moore offers tips for connecting with our inner voices.

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