Inspiring Baseball Stories

Adam Greenberg

Whether you're young or old, stepping into a baseball stadium can be a magical moment—no matter how many games you've been to. The energy is infectious and inspiring moments regularly unfold.

To celebrate the season, we're featuring stories and devotionals about current players and coaches as well as those who’ve played in the past.

So grab a hot dog and some peanuts and get into the game!

Inspiring Stories

Adam GreenbergAn Inspiring Comeback
Hit in the head in his first Major League at-bat, Adam Greenberg was determined
to work his way back.



Another Kind of Relief
The right-hander refused to stand by when his hometown was ravaged by a tornado.



Buehrle Offers Hope and Help
When a lost dog was found injured, this pitcher stepped up to the plate.



Hope for a Homer
Brett Gardner's visit with a special kid changed his game...



The Biggest Heart in Baseball
Bengie Molina was a winner wherever he played. This inspiring story proves just
how much he loves the game—and the players.



The Key to Cliff Lee's Success
How he finds hope in his son, Jaxon



Nolan Ryan's Secret to Success
The surprising key to a baseball Hall of Famer's winning ways



"The Natural" Plays Again
How big leaguer Josh Hamilton beat his demons.



More Inspiring Stories:

Honoring Number 22
Jason Heyward is off to a good start on his career. But he hasn't forgotten his best friend.



Torii Hunter's Baseball Dream
The Angels' center fielder escaped his father's drug addiction to make it to the big leagues.



My Dad, the Saxophone Man
Russell Martin, Jr.'s source of strength: his dad, the musician.



Jamie Moyer's Off-Field Motivation
Jamie Moyer spun magic on the mound—and makes a big difference outside the ball park.



A Pitcher's Drive to Play
Why Cardinals right-hander Chris Carpenter never takes the game for granted



Devoted Dad
Melvin Mora loves playing baseball—but being a father will always come first.



Josh Faiola's Inspiring Home Makeover
Former minor league pitcher Josh Faiola lives with his very own cheering squad.



The Rookie At Age 36
At 36, most ballplayers are thinking about retirement. Scott McClain was just warming up.



Return of the Knuckleball
Former first-baseman-turned-pitcher Lance Niekro followed in his family's footsteps to recharge his career.



His Return to the Majors
When pitcher Jim Morris made a deal with his students, he never thought it would lead to his longtime dream.

Working Hard On the Mound
Pitcher Nolan Ryan proves working hard at any age pays off—especially on the mound.

The Road to Victory
Former Red Sox manager Terry Francona reveals what helped him face the challenges of his career.

A Test of Faith
When other pitchers may have quit, Aaron Small never stopped believing.

It Takes a Team to Win
How does Joe Maddon inspire his Tampa Bay Rays?

The Pink Bat
Why did former oufielder Joe Borchard swing a pink bat? A good cause and a promise.

6 of the Most Inspiring Baseball Players of All Time
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Inspiring Classics

God Is His Strength
Baseball great Hank Aaron counts his blessings.



Out of His Slump
Former third baseman Terry Pendleton learned that life's setbacks are temporary.



Bobby Murcer's Return to Yankee Stadium
The late broadcaster talked about teamwork—and praying for strength.


More Classics:

Pitch Perfect
What Don Larsen learned from pitching the perfect postseason game

Ron Santo's Secret on the Field
His biggest contribution wasn't to baseball—but to diabetics like himself.

The Power of Patience
Former first baseman Ron Blomberg learns a lesson in patience.

The Baseball Jinx
The late Gary Carter's jinx was nothing but lost faith.

The 300th Win
Phil Niekro recounts his 300th win—and how he learned that famous knuckle ball.