Positive Signs of the Times

Looking for a pick-me-up? Check out these photos of positive-thinking street signs.

by - Posted on Jul 22, 2011

Amy Wong

Just when my normally positive attitude was wilting in this heat, I got a surprise that totally picked me up—an email from Michael, husband of my Angels on Earth colleague Tanya Richardson. Even though we have a great time talking when we see each other, I don’t think he’s ever emailed me.

“I saw this neat story online about these artists who create street signs with positive messages,” he wrote. “Check out the photos.” As soon as I took a look, I understood why Michael felt compelled to email me.

The positive signs are the work of TrustoCorp, a mysterious group of New York City-based artists who put up their clever, quirky versions of street signs. Usually TrustoCorp’s signs tend toward the snarky and satirical (“Broke is the new black” for example) but judging from the newest ones that went up in Brooklyn, someone in their crew must be a believer in the power of positive thinking—and the need for it in these tough times.

See for yourself! The letters in the colored circles normally indicate which NYC subway lines stop at that particular station. I love how these artists have reinterpreted them.

Things get better. HANG IN THERE.

Everything is fine. LOL.

Life has many ups and downs, but as the sign says, stay positive!

photos via ANIMALNewYork

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