Answered Prayer on "CSI: Miami"

This may be an unexpected place to find answered prayer, but I'm not surprised a bit...

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Of all places to see an example of answered prayer, you wouldn’t expect CSI: Miami (I hope I’m not giving away too much to tell you that the prayer gets answered).

But then maybe it’s less surprising when you know that Guideposts cover girl Emily Procter is the one doing the praying. Or at least her character of Calleigh is. She teaches a pregnant woman who’s been assaulted a prayer her “grandmother taught her.” Here it is in full:

Angels of God,
From heaven so bright,
Watch over my children
And guide them right.
Fold your wings ‘round them
And guard them with love
Sing to them softly
From heaven above.

You can see it here (Season 9, Episode 8).

Thanks, Emily, for a great story and lovely prayer.

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