Heavenly Assurances

The youngest male winner of American Idol shares a tale of divine intervention.

Posted in , Oct 9, 2012

Scott McCreery

Last year, at 17, I became the youngest male winner of American Idol. My faith helped me get there. Why do I believe that? Because of the awesome things God has done...like this one unbelievable moment during the taping of the show.

As one of the top three contes­tants, I got to put on an outdoor concert in my hometown of Garner, North Carolina, in front of 30,000 fans. Folks there are like family to me.

Wednesday nights I’d often Skype with my church youth group from First Baptist Church of Garner. Choirs and Sunday schools sent me hun­dreds of cards. “Good luck, Scotty!” they wrote. “We’re praying for you!” I couldn’t wait to perform for them.

Then a couple nights before the concert I watched the weather report. Ninety-five percent chance of thun­derstorms, torrential downpours—right at showtime! My first concert ever was headed for a rainout.

I grabbed my Bible, flipped it open at random and instantly my eyes fell upon a verse. Immediately, I felt an awesome sense of peace. It was like God was speaking to me.

Lord, I’m trusting you whether it rains or not. Please just let everyone enjoy the show.

The morning of the concert, thou­sands of people crowded around the outdoor stage. It was hot, humid, overcast. Rain seemed inevi­table. “Maybe we’ll have to cancel,” I overheard a producer say. But I kept thinking about the verse I’d read.

Somehow, the rain held. Right be­fore I went on, the sun broke through the clouds. I performed under patch­es of a bright blue sky. Garner went wild. I was from the best town in the whole U.S. of A. By the end of the concert I was floating on a cloud.

Just as we loaded the last piece of equipment the skies opened. Rain poured down. That verse I’d turned to before the concert? Amos 4:7—“I withheld the rain from you.”

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