What Prayer Has God Answered for You?

A family prays for a son preparing for a kidney transplant and gets unexpected news.

Posted in , Aug 30, 2017

What prayer has God answered for you?

We don’t know when or how God will answer our prayers, but we do know that He will answer them. As I have shared in past blogs, my son, Paul, was born with a serious illness that damaged his kidneys. When he was a year old, he had one kidney removed, and we were told that he would eventually need a kidney transplant, probably when in high school or college. He has long surpassed both of these milestones without undergoing a transplant, but now time is dwindling down. Or so we thought.

A few weeks ago, Paul informed my wife and me that his nephrologists suggested he schedule an appointment with the kidney transplant team. His kidney was functioning at 20 percent, meeting the guidelines for being placed on the transplant list. From the moment we received the news, our prayer was, “God please prepare our son emotionally, spiritually and physically for what is ahead.”  

On the day of the meeting with the transplant team, we prayed, “Lord be with our son, help him through this process.” After several hours of meetings and tests, the doctor said, “Paul, your kidney is functioning at 24 percent. This means you don’t qualify to be on the list.” This news brought us all great relief. God answered our prayer and now Paul has more time to prepare for the procedure and for a donor to be found. Pray and watch God at work. What prayer has God answered for you? Please share with us.

Lord, thanks for the answered prayers and for those unbeknownst to us. 

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