YOU Are an Answer to Prayer

It’s more than a little awe-inspiring, isn’t it? But that’s the way God’s world works.

Posted in , Mar 20, 2018

Blessing to others

YOU are an answer to prayer. You might not be aware of it. You could easily overlook it, but I feel certain that at some point today, yesterday, tomorrow, last month, last year, you have been and/or will be an answer to prayer.

Truth to tell I don’t usually think of myself as an answer to prayer. Sounds a little grand, selfish, bold, self-congratulatory. I mean really, who do I think I am?

Well, for example…I just got an email from a friend and longtime contributor, a wonderful writer (gosh, that could describe a lot of people), who told me that she got good news from me via a colleague just 20 minutes after she and her mother had prayed for an answer.

How cool is that?

Think about what happens to you in the course of a day. You make a phone call, you send a text, you forward an article, you smile at a stranger, you slow down on the freeway and let a harried driver into your lane, you put a buck in a beggar’s hand.

Sometimes you know how you bless someone. Most of the time you don’t. I like that even better. Seems to accord with what Jesus said about praying in secret and how “Your Father who sees what you do in secret will reward you.”

It’s more than a little awe-inspiring to think of being an answer to prayer again and again. But that’s the way God’s world works or to quote another Biblical verse, we become “co-laborers” with God.

It’s not really self-congratulatory at all. It’s totally humbling. To think that any of us could make such a difference.

Curious fact: You’ll find that the people who have been answers to prayer for you, you have been the same to them. Tons of times.

So thanks Peggy–Peggy Frezon the name of the writer I mentioned–and Diana–Diana Aydin, the name of the colleague. Me an answer to prayer?

No, that would be YOU.

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