True Stories of Answered Prayer

Desperate prayers

How God Answers Desperate Prayers

Desperation can be the soil and seed that bears the fruit of answered prayer.

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A hummingbird in flight approaches a flower

The Hummingbird That Led Her to Pray

Michele's teenage daughter was a natural doubter—until a tiny bird found its way into the family's garage. 

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A woman looks out of her kitchen window with a cup in her hand.

An Answered Prayer for the Perfect Home

Finding the perfect home was becoming difficult until she turned over her wish list to God.

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Unanswered prayers

How 'Unanswered' Prayers Draw Us Closer to God

Even when we think God isn't listening, prayer still continues the conversation with Him.

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Joyce Smith, author of The Impossible

Meet the Real People Behind the Movie 'Breakthrough'

In our exclusive video, Joyce Smith and her son John recall the day that John was pronounced clinically dead after falling through the ice on a frozen lake, only to be brought back by the power of prayer.

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Guideposts executive editor Rick Hamlin

What Prayer Can Do: Buiding Up

Rick Hamlin shares a story about the power of prayer.

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God's strength carries us through tough times

How to Find God When You Feel Depleted

Even when we feel powerless, God's love can pull us through. 

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Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt: His Faith Journey and Recent Engagement

How faith has shaped the life and career of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

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Peaceful sunset landscape over a pond as a flock of birds fly.

Shawnelle Eliasen: Not-Yet Answered Prayer

Shawnelle Eliasen shares her not-yet answered prayer.

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The Dog Who Was an Answer to a Prayer

The Dog Who Was an Answer to a Prayer

Wren Thomas shares how his service dog, Beaux, has helped him cope with PTSD after Wren was kidnapped by Nigerian pirates.

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Answered prayer

How One Prayer Was Answered in a Day

Every once in a while, a response from God comes much faster, if I’m awake and alert to notice it.

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Part of a dark pickup truck trunk full of firewood logs

Prayer That Is Answered Immediately

Our camping vacation was spared, thanks to prayer.

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Persistent prayer

How to Wait for an Answer to Your Prayers

Prayer requires us to believe, be patient and pray frequently while trusting God’s will.

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Woman reading the Bible

When the Answer Is Right in Front of You

Instead of searching high and low, turn to God’s Word.

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