A Prayer to Stay in the Holiday Spirit

Keep the pressure and stress of the season at bay with these words for Advent.

Posted in , Dec 4, 2019

Christmas spirit

Although it's the "most wonderful time of the year," the holiday season can be filled with stress and pressure. Christmas is just a few weeks away, and often the list of things to do exceeds the time we have available. Perhaps we want to give our loved ones and friends a gift, but we must be careful financially. And on top of that, there are many festive activities to attend. The expectations and demands can dampen the joy of the holidays and wear us down spiritually and physically. But what if we begin this holiday season with a prayer?

Prayer can get us started in the right spirit. Before you go over your list of things to do by Christmas, pause and pray to the Lord. First, thank the Lord for the gift of Christ in the world and in your life.

Second, pray for your family and friends. Make a list of their spiritual and emotional needs and ask God to guide you so that you can be a blessing to them this time of the year.

Third, pray for the less fortunate in our world, those who Jesus makes note of in the Gospel: the hungry, sick and others.

Lastly, pray for God to guide your steps and decisions and to give you strength and wisdom as you celebrate the coming of Christ. Prayer helps put things in perspective and keeps Christ in the season.

In this Advent season, we pray:

Eternal God, thank You for the hope and joy that fills our hearts through the gift of Your son. We thank You for the light of Christ that shines in our hearts and sparkles during our darkest hours.

Let this light beam so brightly that others will see the gift of Jesus in us.

Open our eyes to see and experience the wonders and miracles of Christmas. Help us to pause in our busy lives and flee from the commercial pressures so that we can enjoy Your presence and the company of others.

As we celebrate with friends and family, help us remember our troops on the front lines and our veterans here at home; let peace reign in their hearts. Comfort those who grieve and make free those who yearn to be whole again. Make us agents of peace in a world divided by race, religion and politics.

Give us the courage to do what is right for the poor, strangers and immigrants alike. May our Christmas be filled with hope and faith. Amen.

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