The Best Thing to Ask for This Christmas

If you’re asked what you want for Christmas, why not add this to your list?

Posted in , Dec 17, 2019

Best Christmas present

When my two children were young, I would ask them what they wanted for Christmas. They would sit down and begin the long list: toys, games, books, dolls, action figures, clothes. Many people have a holiday tradition of asking friends and family what they would like for the holidays. However, there is one thing that often doesn’t make the list: prayer.

While most of us want and need prayer, we don’t ask for it as a gift. We often assume or hope that our loved ones are praying for us. But what if, when we are asked what we want for the holidays, we respond with “prayer”?

It’s is an amazing gift that we can receive and give to others. When we place people on our prayer list, we stand in the gap for them. Our prayers for the person are filled with hope and faith that God will heal, bless, strengthen, guide or empower them.

When people are praying for me, it encourages my spirit and assures me that others truly care about my spiritual and personal wellbeing. I will never know how many good things have happened to me because of the gift of prayer.

Have you ever had someone randomly come to mind and felt the need to pray for them? I believe that God makes this happen, He nudges us on behalf of others. Power is released into our world when people pray. It is this power that we can spread when we give the gift of prayer. I’m not suggesting that you not give others tangible gifts, but to remember to pray for them too.

I suggest that when considering what to get others for Christmas, you put together a list of those for whom you will pray. When doing so, take a moment to pause and listen. Other names may come to mind—people from your work, church, community center and beyond. And when you see them, let them know that this Christmas you are giving them the gift of prayer, and make sure to ask what you can pray for specifically, whether it’s health, new job, relationship, loved ones, comfort and more.

Prayer is a gift to us and to others. It doesn’t cost anything other than a few minutes each day. And if you don’t mind, please add me to your Christmas prayer list.

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