What’s on Your Prayer List for Christmas?

The things that truly matter are not bought in a store.

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What's on your prayer list for Christmas?

When my children were young, my wife and I would ask them each to make a Christmas list. The younger they were, the more toys they wanted. I recall buying NBA basketball figurines for Paul and Barbie dolls for Christine. But as they grew older, that all changed. In their teen years it became more about clothes, books, music, video games and money.

Looking back, their Christmas lists are similar to our prayer lists; they change with the seasons. When I was young, there was one prayer request that was always on my list, “Lord, bring my father back to his faith.” This was all I wanted. It meant that my family would be together for worship not only on Christmas but throughout the year. This prayer request held more value than anything under the Christmas tree.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted and appreciated my gifts, but the thought of my dad reconnecting with God was worth much more. Years later my prayer was answered, and it was well worth the wait…it was the best gift.

Over the years I have discovered that the things that truly matter are not bought in a store. Our experiences and the people in our lives are more important than materialistic items. This is something we must all keep in mind this Christmas and all other days of the year.

What is on your prayer list this Christmas? Does it include peace, love, forgiveness, new life, healing or a relationship? Although our prayer requests differ, our God is the same.

Lord, although the seasons come and go, You hear and answer our prayers.

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