How to Pray

Knee pain

How Does Your Faith Help with Chronic Pain?

When you are seeking relief from suffering, both physically and spiritually

Rick Hamlin

3 Lessons in Prayer from the Grandkids

A greater understanding of why Jesus said, “Become like little children.”

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Driving through the desert

How a Road Trip Led to a New, Short Prayer

During a long drive through the desert, finding words of comfort for stranded travelers.

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Two people praying

How to Help Others with a 10-Second Prayer

You’ll be surprised at how often people welcome a short, purposeful prayer—even in public.

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Reading psalms in the morning

6 Psalms to Start Your Day with Good News

The headlines can wait; instead, first take delight in God with these verses.

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Praying with coffee

6 Ways to Build Up Your Prayer Life by Habit Stacking

These simple, easy practices can make a big difference in your spiritual routine.

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Hands in prayer

4 Ways to Let Your Hands Do the Praying

Sometimes a simple gesture or two is as good as anything your lips can express.

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How to pray with emojis

How to Pray with Emojis

Little icons that can carry a big prayer.

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Psalm 23 for children and grandchildren

Pray Psalm 23 for Your Children and Grandchildren

Here’s a way to express the desires of your heart for those you cherish.

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Prayer of confession

How the Prayer of Confession Can Transform Us

With accountability comes healing and peace.

Spring tulips

Why Easter Is Bigger Than Any One Season

Christ’s resurrection turned everything around.

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Prayers before bed

Why It’s Important to Pray Before You Sleep

How to empty your brain and fill up your heart before turning out the light

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Airport prayers

5 Ways to Pray While Waiting to Board Your Flight

How to turn any airport experience into a holy moment.

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Praying with your whole body

How Scripture Hints at Praying with Your Whole Body

Prayer can be so much more than just bowing our heads.

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Prayers God Answers Immediately

3 Prayers That God Answers Immediately

You won’t be kept waiting when praying these words.

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Flag of Ukraine

Ukraine: A Time to Test Our Faith and the Power of Prayer

In these anxious times, share with us how you are coping.

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