Get Specific When You Pray to God

Dig deep and go into great detail when you talk to God.

Posted in , Jul 31, 2015

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For those of us with a loved one in the military, prayer is a lifeline. We spend a lot of time in prayer and asking for prayer. We struggle with what to pray, how to pray, and even when to pray. But often we’re only praying for the big things. Today I want to share how important it is to pray for specific concerns.

When our son was deployed, my default prayer—and prayer request—was that God would keep him safe. But that wasn’t the prayer that brought me the most comfort. It was when I spent time considering all the aspects of what “keeping him safe” meant, that I began to really dig deep in my prayers for him.

Here are some of the specific things that I began to pray for:

The ability to sleep: Sleep is critical to our soldiers’ well-being. Without adequate rest they are impaired physically, mentally and emotionally. So I began to pray for him to have uninterrupted sleep. This led to praying for the place(s) he slept—even the cot/bed where he slept. I prayed for God to keep the nightmares at bay, and for him not to be too hot or too cold.

The food he ate: When we’re in a stressful situation, our appetites are often affected. I prayed for food to be plentiful and healthy. I also asked God to make sure it tasted good and wouldn’t upset his digestive system. I prayed that he’d have good companionship during meals and that whether he ate on the go or while resting, the nutrients in the food would be absorbed and nourish his body.

The ability to discern danger: One thing that’s so different in the most recent conflicts is the fact that there isn’t a definitive front line. The enemy is everywhere. I prayed for our son and his comrades to have a supernatural sense of what was happening around them. I asked that God would warn him of impending attacks and dangers that lay hidden in his path.

These are just some of the things I consider the specifics. In weeks to come, I’ll share others. But I’d love to know some of the specific prayers you pray for your soldier.

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