How Doubt Can Make Your Faith Stronger

When following a journey of faith, it’s only natural to run into challenges and questions.

Posted in , Apr 20, 2021

Faith and doubt

While we lean on our faith to get through everyday life, many of us also struggle with doubt. It’s part of being a real person in a real world with real issues. Even well-known spiritual leader Billy Graham, when in his 90s, was asked if he believed God would greet him in death with a “well done, good and faithful servant.” Graham paused and said, “I hope so.”

Pope Francis once told an audience, “Who among us has not experienced insecurity, loss and even doubts on their journey of faith? Everyone! We’ve all experienced this, me too. It is part of the journey of faith, it is part of our lives.”

Doubt comes to us in many ways and at unexpected times. It could be when a drunk driver kills a loved one or a young child’s life ends. It can be a natural disaster that kills thousands. All this can cause a person to doubt the existence and goodness of God. And it’s not only tragedy that can trigger doubts. A book, movie or conversation can challenge an existing belief and lead a person to search for new spiritual insights and truth.

When struggling with doubt, a major challenge is isolation. In some faith communities, doubt is looked down upon. People have a hard time dealing with someone who is struggling with their faith. They may not know what to do, and it may scare them to acknowledge their own doubts. But someone searching for spiritual answers needs compassion, prayer and grace from others.

Author Philip Yancey writes, “Doubt always coexists with faith, for in the presence of certainty who would need faith at all?” Wherever there is faith, one will inevitably find doubt. Wrestle with your doubts. Push as hard as you can for the truth. Ask questions. Go beyond your own understanding. When we genuinely seek answers to our doubts, faith will grow deeper.

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