Prayer Power: Start Your Day Off Right

Here are six steps for beginning your morning—and continuing your day—with prayer.

Posted in , Nov 25, 2021

A woman prays in the morning

The past few years have been filled with change for my wife and me. The sale of our long-time home. A move across the country. Settling into a new home in a new climate and community, along with new jobs and, of course, some pandemic-related adjustments.

Times like these are challenging, but they also present an opportunity for new beginnings, as do Advent, Christmas and the New Year. If we’re alert and intentional, those transi­tions can open the door for us to start something new or resume something that has lapsed, such as a daily prayer habit. Here are six steps that can help anyone, in any season, start every day with prayer.

Step 1: As soon as possible after waking (it’s okay to pour a cup of coffee first), find a quiet place to be alone with God. Pick a place where you won’t be inter­rupted and where you can speak freely if you pray aloud. Don’t worry about the time, and don’t force yourself to spend a set amount of time. Focus on being in God’s presence. Start by greeting him as you would a friend (“Good morning, God” works). Then thank him for the blessings in your life.

Step 2: Take time to listen to God, as you would to any friend. A simple way to do that is by reading his Word. Starting with Psalm 1, read one psalm a day. But—and this is the important part—don’t just read as a mental exercise. Read slowly, perhaps even out loud, and pause occasionally to reflect on what God is saying through those words about you, your life or the events of your upcoming day.

Step 3: Next, think about what lies ahead in the coming day. Is there something you’re worried about? A temptation to face? A moment you’ll need God’s help? Ask his help for anything and everything that the day may bring.

Step 4: A music app or CD can be a great aid to prayer, especially with a song that draws you into the presence of God. (Try one that’s a prayer, such as “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” or “Reckless Love.”) Listening to a powerful worship song also keeps the spirit of prayer with you during the day.

Step 5: Conclude with more prayers of thanks. Ask for the grace to pray throughout the day. When you’re engaged in tasks that don’t require your full concentration, use those opportuni­ties to talk silently to God. Share with him anything that comes to mind. Practice this consistently, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to con­tinue in prayer throughout the day and “keep in step with the Spirit,” as Paul put it (Galatians 5:25).

Step 6: Above all, make prayer a habit. Let nothing push aside your daily time with God. You’ll find your habit sets the tone for each day and becomes a spiritual lifeline. A lifeline that will release and increase the Spirit’s leading and fruit in your life.

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