What Does ‘Pray for Me’ Really Mean?

There is a healing power in community. Put yourself in it. Be part of that.

Posted in , Oct 3, 2017

Pray for me

What do you mean when you say, “pray for me?”

I’ve got a book out by that title and have had the pleasure to speak to some church groups and meet with folks at bookstores, reading from the book which tells about a time when people did indeed pray for me.

People have said many kind things about the book and my readings and they have been incredibly supportive (what a blessing there is in having wonderful friends).  But one recent email was especially illuminating.

As most of you know, I like to sing and I figure whether we’re in a bookstore or a conference room or at a shopping mall or in a church basement, there is healing power in singing together.

Because the book is about friendship, I like it when we sing that old Simon and Garfunkel classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

I’ve found that most people know the tune and remember the words and if the high notes are a little too high, well, it’s fine to sing it down an octave. What could be better than making music together?

There’s a line in the book that says, “Not for nothing does singing the blues put me in the pink. Even sad songs can make sadness bearable, putting thoughts into words and music.” Ain’t it the truth.

But back to that question. What do we mean when we say “pray for me?”

The obvious answer is we are going through something rough, and we want others to pray for us, to help us get through to the other side.

But a wise friend amplified my understanding of that simple phrase “Pray for me.” It doesn’t just mean “Pray me through this turmoil.” It also means pray on my behalf. Pray at this time of my life when I can barely pray for myself.

Jesus once said that wherever two of more were gathered together in His name, He would be there too.

That’s exactly what happens when we’re brave enough to tell someone: Pray for me.

There is a healing power in community. Put yourself in it. Be a part of that. Pray for someone else and let them pray for you.  

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