Why Pray with Others?

Collective prayer can give us added support to get through difficult times.

Posted in , May 21, 2015

Sharing the power of prayer.

Praying alone has its advantages. You can do it anytime, anywhere. However, there are moments in life when we need to gather with others to pray.

I learned the power of people praying together in my early teens at my church on the Lower East Side of New York City. Our congregation had purchased a five-story building adjacent to where we held Sunday worship with the intention of it becoming our new church. During the renovation, both buildings collapsed.

I can still see our congregants in front of the collapsed buildings in tears. Our pastor stood before the group and led us in prayer. The collective prayer gave us the support we needed to get through this difficult time. We prayed until we finally got back on our feet and never stopped praying.


It has been more than 40 years since that incident. Today, the church opens daily at noon for people to pray with other believers. This congregation knows the benefits and power of people praying together!

The Lord taught us, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” His presence united us and filled us with the common goal of supporting each other in prayer. He worked in our hearts experientially the six key truths of corporate prayer:

1)  Opening our hearts to the needs of others.

2)  Giving us a deeper sense of belonging.

3)  Providing comfort and strength to persevere.

4)  Increasing our faith in a miracle-working God.

5)  Moving us from seeking selfish purposes to desiring God’s purpose for others.

6)  Connecting us with people who can support us through trials and tribulations.

Many venues are available for praying with others. We can pray in a physical group, or, with today’s technology, connect in prayer via Facebook, Skype or prayer apps on smart phones.

Although we can easily pray on our own, there are benefits of praying with others. Tell us how you have been blessed by praying with others and what forums you prefer.

Lord, may the support and strength we draw from being in the company of praying people fill us with the faith to overcome life’s difficulties.

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