Inspirational Prayers

Power of forgiveness

3 Ways to Pray for the Power to Forgive

Forgiveness takes work. Here’s how we, with God’s help, can make it happen.

Making a decision

9 Bible Prayers to Help Make the Best Decision

Are you faced with making more decisions now than ever? Here is scriptural guidance for wisdom.

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Prayers for a new school year

Prayers for a New Kind of School Year

With all the challenges and complications of opening schools, here are words of comfort and encouragement.

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Growing spiritually in quarantine

3 Spiritual Reflections to Help You Find Meaning in Quarantine

Let your faith guide you toward hope even in the midst of isolation.

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How to Reduce Anxiety and Find Calm in Any Circumstance

A collection of Scriptures, prayers and tips to help you break the worry cycle. 

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Big picture prayers

A 3-Word Prayer to Help You See the Big Picture

These words can turn fear into opportunity and despair into hope.

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Money worries

10 Helpful Prayers for Facing Money Problems

Whether it’s a job loss or unpredictable economy, these prayers will help you weather the storm.

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A rich prayer life

4 Short and Simple Prayers to Make Your Life Better

The book May It Be So, offers prayers that are succinct, thoughtful and fulfilling.

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Positive prayer habits

4 Positive Habits Created by Prayer

The spiritual discipline of prayer can be applied to all areas of your life.

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Group of people around the world.

A Prayer for Today

This evergreen prayer for peace and unity, spoken by astronaut Frank Borman in 1968 while orbiting the moon, still holds true to this day.

Brave new steps

9 Prayers That Will Help You Actually Embrace Change

Starting a new job or business? Getting married? Launching a new project? Here are prayers to help you along your journey.

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Trust in God

What Does It Mean to Trust God Always?

An apprehensive mom remembers how to hand her fear over to God before a medical procedure.

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First reponder

7 Prayers for First Responders

Whether a crisis strikes close to home or oceans away, we can hold up those who deal with danger.

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OurPrayer Prayer Volunteers

OurPrayer Prayer Volunteers

Learn about being a prayer volunteer. Only an hour a week can change the world.

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Guideposts' Vice President of Ministries Pablo Diaz

Pablo Diaz on Building Confidence

Guideposts' Vice President of Ministries Pablo Diaz discusses how you can grow your confidence—in yourself and in God.

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Join Us for the Power to Overcome Day of Prayer

Join Us for the Power to Overcome Day of Prayer

With God's help, you can overcome life's challenges and make 2013 your best year yet!

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