A Prayer of Compassion

Compassion is easy after a hurricane—but we should practice it every day. Here’s a prayer to help.

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Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

There are times when compassion is easy, like when a friend’s house floods knee-deep with sewage during a hurricane. And there are times, many times, when we don’t think things through from someone else’s perspective at all.

I’m as guilty of it as you are. So I’ve written up a little prayer for myself:

From over-concern for my own comfort, Save me, Lord.
From irritation at inconvenience, Save me, Lord.
From distress over first-world problems, Save me, Lord.
From blindness to how I can help, Save me, Lord.
From self-indulgence when others are in need, Save me, Lord.
From a desire to do good so that I feel good about myself, Save me, Lord.

At the end of every day, ask: To whom have I shown compassion today?

Hopefully there is always a ready answer. Hopefully, there are many possible answers. And when there are not, there’s one more prayer to add:

Thank you, Lord, for your compassion, even when mine is lacking.

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