Giving Thanks When Things Don't Go Your Way

Gratitude can be found in less than ideal circumstances

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Thank you when things go wrong

Thank you, Lord, for people who get me riled up; encountering them challenges me to respond in love.

Thank you, Lord, for the awful days; they compel me to turn to You and drive me to my knees.

Thank you, Lord, for suffering; it gives me the opportunity to imitate Christ.

Thank you, Lord, for my mistakes; they teach me humility.

Thank you, Lord, for inconveniences; they remind me that most of my life is good.

Thank you, Lord, for when others get annoyed at me; that helps me see my faults, so I can confess them.

Thank you, Lord, when things don’t go the way I want; disappointment reminds me that I can love and serve You in all circumstances. 

And thank you, Lord, for all that is good that I do not notice, all the blessings I do not see, all the counsel I ignore and all the mercy You pour out on me daily. Teach me and guide me so I know and serve and praise You better each day of my life.

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