Praying for Healing

How God heals is sometimes mysterious, but we should never stop praying for it.

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Always pray for healing

When facing an illness, our minds become cluttered with fear, and we turn to prayer, not only our prayer, but the prayers of our friends, family and others. For instance, my father was recently in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer, but with prayer and good medical care, he has made a full recovery.

Though prayer is a powerful tool, not all are healed. Some must live with their illness and make necessary adjustments, and others are called home to be with the Lord. While this may be the case, we must not give up on our prayers.

As a young boy, I lost most of my hearing in my right ear due to an illness. I wanted very badly to be healed so I prayed for a miracle. At church the guest speakers would invite people forward for healing, and I couldn’t tell you the number of times I participated, but I was never healed. Was I disappointed? Yes! However, I did discover emotional and spiritual healing. Later on in life, I witnessed the healing of my son who was born with a life-threatening illness. We almost lost him, but it was the prayers of our loved ones who saved him.

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After all that my family and I have been through, I still believe that God can heal people. I know that it takes faith, but we must accept that some are healed while others are not, but there is always a reason. Some are healed in mysterious ways just like in the Bible. For example, we can look to the story of when Jesus spits on the ground, makes mud and touches the blind man’s eyes, and he is healed. These biblical and present day stories of healings remind us that God is able. How and when is out of our control.

While not all are physically and mentally healed, it doesn’t mean that God can’t or won’t. If we continue to pray for healing…big and small miracles will happen. If you are in need of healing or know someone who is, please join us on Healing Day of Prayer, please click here to submit your prayer. Have you been healed spiritually, emotionally or physically? Please share with us.

Lord, help us not to lose faith in your power to heal and in praying for healing for ourselves and others.

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