What Does It Mean to Trust God Always?

An apprehensive mom remembers how to hand her fear over to God before a medical procedure.

Posted in , Mar 27, 2019

Trust in God

When we face adversity or doubt, can we grow from the situation? Yes! We may not welcome the challenge, but it’s a chance for our trust in God to mature and to remember the difference between giving in to fear versus trusting the Lord. Recently my mother, Maria, was faced with making a hard decision, and through her trust in God, she chose wisely.

For more than six months, she had put off having a necessary heart valve procedure. We tried to convince her to make an appointment, but she avoided the topic at all costs. We became even more concerned as she was already having difficulty walking due to her heart. Yes, my mother was brought up in a Christian family and was raised to trust in the Lord, but she allowed fear to overcome her in this case. After a long internal struggle, she agreed to move forward with having the procedure.

A few days before the operation, she voiced concerns over the phone. She was worried about the risk of stroke. I sought to calm her by stating that all procedures have risks, but the chance of a stroke was less than 1%. I also reminded her that she had had this surgery before and was fine. I sensed that she wasn’t convinced. I then said, “Mom, this is more about trusting the Lord. Your life is in God’s hands. All of our lives are in God’s control.” I added, “This is what you taught us to believe.” She didn’t argue.

In the end, all we have is our trust in God. When we feel powerless, we can always count on Him. When we receive bad news, medical or not, God is by our side. This is exactly what my mother needed to remember. Throughout her life, she has trusted in God and that has gotten her through struggles, hurts, losses, disappointments and setbacks.

On the day of the procedure, I drove my parents to the hospital. Mom was apprehensive, but she was hanging on to her trust in God. She wasn’t alone. Her family was there. More importantly, the Lord was there. When we were able to see her after the procedure, she was in discomfort, but her face radiated peace and confidence. A day later, she was discharged. When worries, fears and concerns seek to control us, we must keep our trust in God.

Lord, help us to keep our trust and confidence in You always.

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