Power of Prayer

Celebrate the fall season with this autumn prayer.

10 Prayers for Autumn

Encourage your faith journey with these beautiful autumn prayers that celebrate the many blessings of fall.

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Pray to End World Hunger

Join OurPrayer and Bread for the World as we come together and pray that all those suffering from hunger in the US and around the world have comfort and nourishment.

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End World Hunger Day of Prayer

End World Hunger Day of Prayer

Join us in prayer to end world hunger. Send a prayer request asking our Heavenly Father to comfort and provide nourishment to all those who are suffering at home and abroad.

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OurPrayer Manager, Ty'Ann Brown prays with another during an OurPrayer Event

OurPrayer: Changing the World One Prayer at a Time

For over 60 years, OurPrayer, a prayer service of Guideposts, has prayed for millions of people from all over the world.

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Healing Day of Prayer | Send Prayer Requests for Healing

Healing Day of Prayer

Do you or someone you know need prayer for their health?

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When you need to bless others.

When You Need to Bless Others

The Bible offers many examples of brief blessings you can use on others. Bob Hostetler shares some of his favorites.

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a woman lies in the grass witnessing God's glory in creation

12 Prayers for Summer

Guideposts Contributing Editor Rick Hamlin is sharing 12 summer prayers he's praying. 

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Christian Prayers: The Prayer of Jabez

Your Favorite Prayers for Inspiration

We asked our readers to share their favorite prayers with us. We hope their responses touch your heart and help you feel God's comfort.

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7 Reasons to Give Thanks for America

On Independence Day, we have a lot to be grateful for. Let's get started...

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Eddie Rickenbacker

Guideposts Classics: Eddie Rickenbacker on Helping Others

In this story from March 1945, the very first issue of Guideposts, the fighter pilot and war hero shares lessons he learned from life's struggles.

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Albert in his New York City garden.

God’s Worker in the Garden

Meet an artist with a rake and a broom. And blessings.

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Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter

The Healing Power of Faith

Whether we have faith or not, studies have shown that prayer can have real, measurable effects on health.

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Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

A Friend's Surprising Prayer

His acknowledgments made me stop and pray a thankful prayer for all the angels in my life.

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Guideposts executive editor Rick Hamlin

What Prayer Can Do: A Lost Prayer

Rick Hamlin shares a story about prayer.

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