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Dear Our Prayer Community,
Thank you for praying with and for me. I completed six rounds of chemotherapy for endometrial cancer on July 25th. On Thursday, August 11th at 8:15 am I will have a CT scan to monitor progress - with previous scan showing significant tumor shrinkage. Please pray that ALL cancer has been DISSOLVED and that I have been completely HEALED/RESTORED by the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, and that we can sing to God an eternal song of gratitude/thanksgiving for His great goodness and mercy. Thank you for your prayers. AMEN. Sandy K

In Jesus’s name please pray for the sale of our business to move forward ASAP. The buyer, G…. Wanted to move quickly but somehow a miscommunication Thru email w attorneys seems to have things at a halt. Please in Jesus’s name pray it is God’s will things will proceed immediately and that my husband gets the documents to G…. Immediately. Thank you and God bless.

In Jesus’s name please pray for my staff. Please pray that all is ok with Kevin and he makes it in to work/contacts us soon. He was due in Saturday 7/30 and no one has heard from him. In Jesus’s name please pray it was just a mistake on his part reading the schedule/hopefully no problems at home and that he shows up ASAP. We are so short staffed. Please in Jesus’s name pray it is God’s will for current staff to remain and for additional staff to apply asap. Thank you and God Bless