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Please pray for me to be successful in this new job and close sales and earn better living to put my family in a better situation

Thought the J- Chimney debacle was behind us, they misrepresented themselves, is settled to our satisfaction & they do not cheat others. We are able to get chimney fixed. Case in MD dismissed with prejudice against them because company never completed project. They are dragging us into VA courts with same tactic & was able to get withdrawn right now. Company defaced our chimney & has never finished job. They still have no license in VA/MD. We are being forced to sue for Breach of Contract since company will not talk with us & correct problem. Found out they have been doing this to other senior citizens. Pray our counter suit is successful & stops them from doing this to other Seniors since VA licensing Board will not issue the criminal warrant: excuse, the judges won’t enforce law. Need to win back attorney fees & cost to repair chimney + deposit. Please pray that our good lawyer is able to win.
Pray our house hit by lightning, contents are replaced soon. Expenses not too high to finish landscaping to avoid lightening damage in future, & create a good curb appeal.
We find a better/affordable place to move for future.

Find a way to get daughter medical supplies & find good doctors especially for emergencies that take Champ VA. Her car was recently totaled setting in school parking lot by a parent that ran into it while it was parked while she was in class with students. She is able to find a vehicle that is within her teachers’ pay. Able to get her Verizon, gas & email service corrected from Yahoo. Our daughter passes all her teaching certifications & she gets over her loneliness & depression so she can help her students. That next year she is able to do well for the school in her new promotion. Parents’ tech their children respect & obedience. Pray she understands the will of the Lord & does the right thing always & her faith grows! Wife suffered a fake car accident, the man who said she bumped into him which didn’t want insurance companies or police involved. Our insurance company believes this is a scam since they got the accident report from the shop. They are trying to deal with State Farm Insurance & they couldn’t agree. Upon further investigation it appears he was trying to run a scam as others