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I received some good news after a prayer request. I just found out something was installed incorrectly in our home. There does not appear to be any immediate danger, but if it fails it will cause thousands of dollars in damage. I am getting it repaired as quickly as possible, and the estimates are much lower than I feared. That is a prayer answered

But I have severe anxiety and obsessively worry about things like this, even though God has always protected me. It's never as bad as I fear.

Please pray nothing goes wrong until it can be repaired, and that I am healed of anxiety and obsessive worry.

Please pray for my son-in-law Dave S.
He's hospitalized with Covid & pneumonia. He's in serious condition.
Please pray for my daughter,
Elizabeth Rosenquist S.
She also has Covid.
Prayers are also needed for Caitlin, Tyler, Paige & Jeremie.
Please pray for husband,Earl & myself, Linda also with medical issues.

I am in recovery from two back to back surgeries, colon cancer and bypass heart. I pray to God for strength, courage, and hope to continue on this path. I pray for God's blessings and guidance. Thank you!