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Pray for Others

Pray for our safety and protection tonight that no one breaks in or messed around
That no one watches us or messes around
For God to keep us safe from all evil. That He keeps our enemies away. That the nightmares don't come true that I don't get raped or robbed and for God to watch over us amen
For money to be right and for M to not try to get me in trouble

Please pray for holly and Zach and for things to go the right way. Please pray for Roger, Sharon, ross, Sarah, Robert, and others find a relationship with Jesus. Please pray for Emily kaleb Jan Cindy kim jake and Kiersten for health and gods plan for their job and relationships. Please pray for Josh to find the right Christian soulmate spouse. Please pray for the country for leaders who work for Christian values and for the good of the people. Please pray for truth justice exposure accountability and good over evil and corruption. Please help jens family have peace and joy. Please give thanks the lord is orchestrating everything

Your prayers have helped my family time and time again - and I am so grateful. Please pray that some of my daughters can circle back to their faith and embrace the peace and love of Jesus Christ.