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Today I am asking you to pray for me. All day I have been sorta out of breath and altho my blood pressure count etc are good, I am hoping its not my heart.
I did call my cardiologist but he cannot say its my heart but I do hve a condidtion called Brudda Syndrome. My cardiologist it could be allergy but of course could not diagnose me. As the evening went on I feel its getting worse but not to the point that I am going to faint. Hopefully I can go to the doctor tomorrow or ER. Please pray for me that it is not my heart and maybe I am having allergy problems. I will call my physician tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers.

Protection from a buyer who has malevolent intent and is not very savvy

I cast my cares on God and leave them them. I declare He is my ever present help in trouble. He will never leave me or forsake me and I take my rest in Him in Jesus name amen.