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Lisa M B has an infection and more importantly she had Ehler's Danlos which causes her to have pain as her joints go in and out of joints daily. She also has digestive problems and Ashe grows older her conditions seem to grow worse. Please pray for her and pray that The Lord heals her or helps her more now than ever. She is getting discouraged. Thank you Thank The Lord!

Please pray for my husband Stephen, for his mental and physical health. He has been very depressed, exhausted, extremely angry and often states he wants to die. Please pray for treatment to be quick and successful. Please pray for his doctors to help him. Please pray for me to be able to help him through this and remain positive. Please pray for the health and well-being of our staff, that Our staff communicates & has a great team spirit. That they can foster an even better work environment without a manager and now even more short staffed. Please pray for the miracle buyer we need and the miracle to sell this business ASAP so our staff remains employed and my husband and I can get our health and our marriage back on track. Please pray our insurance company does not cancel the policy. This business is really taking physical and emotional toll on us. Please pray to keep my dad healthy and safe, as well as the rest of my family and husband‘s family. Pray for peace and kindness for all. Pray that Stephens anger disappears & he returns to faith immediately. Praise the Lord Thank you and God bless

Please pray for me. I am in a state of depression from all that is going on in my life. I ask in prayer for God’s blessings to run me down. I have lost a lot and I myself am lost in this world . Thank you