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Dear Guideposts,
As a special education teacher, I know I will be working with students that have academic, social, and behavior challenges. I enjoy working with students. I makes me feel that I have touched the future in the way I present myself in the classroom and how I act outside of school. These years have been difficult with the challenges from the pandemic, online learning, and increasing gaps of academic growth. The students have their own personal social media issues and teen peer pressure. Some of the combinations of students create a very toxic and barbaric environment. This combination of students with many issues is the way that my school is going to continue to group together for their academic content area. Grouping students together , without considering the dynamics, is a road set up for failure. I pray that God directs my passion for teaching with the care for my students to find a teaching position that will be pleasing to Him. There is a Homebound teaching fulltime that is opening within my district. For 3 years, I have taught after hours of my regular teaching position as homebound. Those 3 students had a positive effect on me.

I am started to feel my 30 year marriage is a mistake. My husband is not smart financially. He retired too soon and it has hurt our finances and refuses to get a part-time job to compensate. I cannot physically work. He is not sympathetic to me when I am depressed and when I don’t feel well. He is hard to deal with. Lots of issues with him.

Please pray for Priscilla, my granddaughter’s friend who is suffering from brain cancer.