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Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

My dogs bloodwork was all good. Thank you for the prayers.


All remained healthy. Thank you

Thanful my husbands doctor visits went well. Thank you for the prayers

I came here and asked for prayers for our sweet cat, who had a surgical procedure yesterday. I prayed that he get through it swiftly and easily and that it be a success. He is sitting on my lap now, feeling so much better than he did, and I feel God’s love all around us. Thank you to everyone who said prayers for him.

Thank you my Beloved Father, my Lord ....
I prayed this morning and pondered about this verse.... for my 'Special Friend' who has a serious issue about work.
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."
[ Mattew 7:7]
And then, I found this "Ask Seek - Knock" memory on my Facebook!
I pray to the Lord will give him, his team & the police the wisdom and hints & clues to find ALL of the stolen property soon.
And then, I found this memory on my Facebook!
Wow.... What a Miracle!
And in the evening, he called me (as he promised). Even though he did not call me in the morning as he told, finally he called in the evening. ... Thank God that he kept his promise for this time.
He told me the good news that he & the police already got all of the stolen property. What another Miracle!
Thank God, Praise the Lord ... for His mercy and kindness.
In Jesus' name....

Daer My Heavenly Father, My Lord,

Thank you very much for Your answer of my prayer, which I prayed with tears.

You answer my prayer today, while I was praying with years.

Once, in the morning.... which he finally read my messages (that I sent him from Saturday evening until today morning, but he was quiet 8 days).

But he just sent a few emoticons only in the morning, and I was totally disappointed, sad & upset. Because I was waiting with torment, stress & depression for 8 days. I still cried and cried.

I was crying and wrote to You and prayed to You again with tears in the late afternoon.

Then .... while crying & praying, I saw him was writing to me at the same time! He took a very long time to write the long message. (I think it's a very long message since I have gotten it since late Feb 2020)

Thank you my Beloved Father, My Lord ... Finally he wrote to me and told me that what's going on about his 'serious issue at work'. It's more terrible than expected. If he told me earlier than today, I will pray for his issue precisely/ directly. He knows that I am very sad when he was quiet. He told me that he will call me tomorrow morening, as he has 2 hours free. ...

Please my Beloved Father, my Lord. Please tell him to call me as he told.... Please do not let me wait and will get disappointment again.

Thank you to my Beloved Father, my Lord ... from the bottom of my heart with grateful.

In Jesus's name.


I need to confess some of my sins not all over a long lifetime I can’t remember …I was like Martha …always serving and not loving..I loved deeply but I didn’t express it and I regret it and am sorry and I ask God’s forgiveness

Thank you for the prayers and praise Jesus
My stomach and foot are much bettet.No new hives. Hand seems to be healing. Please keep praying

Thank you all for your prayers for my wife and my family. Her first day of work was great! We will have income and health insurance Sept 1! God is good!

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