Answered Prayers

Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

Thank you God, our visas were approved same day. Thank You Jesus! I know You are always working for our good. Please let us have a safe journey, negative PCR tests and a safe trip back home. In Jesus Name AMEN! Thank You Jesus for your grace and mercy. Thank you!

Praise God for work yesterday and a good Meeting!

my daughter had adopted a beautiful swiss mountain dog who turned out to be fear aggressive. my daughter did everything she could to alleviate this dog's fears to no avail. My daughter eventually came to the conclusion that she must put the dog to sleep. I prayed and prayed God would find a home for this animal so she could go on being the sweet dog we all knew she was. she was nothing but loving toward all of us. finally someone came up to my daughter at the vet office to ask if she could adopt this dog. she was a trainer of fear aggressive dogs. my daughter was ecstatic as were the rest of us. you might think this is not an important story but for animal lovers like us, it is. the dog is now living happily with her new mom and four siblings to play with. God is truly great!

Praise the Lord for the decision the Canadian courts made earlier this week truly the Lord is greatly to be praised may ever knee bow to our precious Lord and saviour praise the Lord and forget not all his benefits ijnwp Amen Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord that K’s ultrasound showed improvement, please continue to pray for her.

Praise the Lord I had you all praying for my wife to get this job they called today and hired her

Praise God I heard from my granddaughter, zoomed a marvelous oats meeting, and enjoyed s bike ride and lunch with friends.

Praise God I heard from my oldest grandson; also I zoomed a great meeting that is 7 days a week!

God made a way for us to pay a major bill with no way of paying it to begin with praise his Holy name

Thank you God for answering my prayer. You healed my throat and voice and was able to answer the questions honestly as possible. The interview lasted 18 minutes with one of the three interviewers stating that the next step will be a second interview to select the right candidate. So thank you for making the interview bearable and saying the right words intelligently. ~Roxanne

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