Answered Prayers

Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

Money was raised for a successor service dog and to go to CA for training with my new dog.

The trustee did send me a cashiers check. Part of me does not want to cash it yet.

Trying to sort things as I have student loans. But hoping to get a vehicle to transport my power chair, a gently used power chair and help with myhealth.

Thank you God for a lovely afternoon at the beach and in the ocean; also great exercise with friends on our bikes; and a lovely dinner and concert in the evening!

I asked for prayer, probably about 6 weeks ago for Charleen who said she just wanted a friend. I'm happy to Praise the Lord, that she has more than one friend now. She even spent the afternoon at another tenants' apartment drinking tea, sitting on the balcony and talking. My husband and I took her out to dinner for her birthday and took her out for breakfast a couple of times. Then some old neighbours picked her up yesterday and took her to dinner. She is so excited. Thank you Jesus for answered prayer!! Amen

Thank you my husband isn't cheating on me anymore and our marriage is stronger then ever and that he is closer to the Lord then ever. THank you for getting the used cars and pray they stay working.

Thank you for helping our Son pass his test... your guidance and wisdom gave him the confidence he needed to pass!

Thank you God for a lovely meeting last night with friends.

Thank you, Lord, for protecting our neighbor's dog while being flown to another state, and thank you for reuniting him with his owner.

Thanks for your prayers I finally found a job God bless you

I was diagnosed with breast cancer May 2018, the mammogram showed 2cm / biopsy taken/ surgery was on June 4th 2018, lumpectomy / Dr. met with me a week after surgery to go over results. She looked confused, as she said I had the mammogram and ultra sound right beside me during surgery, but I found less than 1cm of cancer? I smiled because I don't think she found any, I knew as I prayed before the biopsy, a warm beam of light passed through my back shoulder to the front / I knew God had just healed for the biopsy showing cancer and the surgery ????? I share this healing with everyone I come in contact with. AMEN....PRAISE THE LORD...

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