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Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

Praise the lord we all got home safe yesterday

Praise God I heard from my oldest grandson and a couple friends!

Thank you God in advance for giving me the right answers to say in the interview and for all three Directors to want me to be part of their team. Through faith, ALL things are possible, only believe. I believe, l believe, l believe. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen

I want to thank each person who continues to pray for me and send me words of encouragement. You are all a true source of strength and I should probably tell you how much I appreciate you more often than I do.

As many of you know, I got some difficult news last Friday. It wasn’t exactly terrible. It just wasn’t the news that I expected or wanted. This latest health issue isn’t as close to being over as I’d like it to be. Those of you who know me well know that I’m not the most patient person in the world and this experience has tested me in that area more than anything else I’ve ever been through in my life.

You’ve all heard me say that this has been the most difficult year of my life, but truly the difficulties started about five years ago. I started losing function in my body. My legs, which had always been more reliable than anyone thought they ever would be, started to fail me. My ability to do even the most basic things in life started to become more and more difficult. My independence became almost nonexistent and it has continued to get worse little by little. To say that I’ve lost a lot of myself would be a massive understatement. Here’s the thing that I want you to understand though. For all that I’ve lost, I’ve gained quite a bit also.

First, I’ve gained appreciation. I’ve gained appreciation for a wife who continues to stand by me no matter what life throws at us. For a mother who goes out of her way to help make sure my needs are taken care of. For a stepdad who is there to lend a helping hand when I need it. For a grandmother who lifts me up in prayer every single day. For friends and family who continue to shower me with love and support and let me know that I haven’t been forgotten. Most of all, I’ve gained a new appreciation for a God who is always there to lift me up and keep me going when I’m ready to give up and call it quits.

That brings me to the next thing I’ve gained. I’ve gained a new perspective on life. I’ve come to realize that in life, you really only have two choices. Two paths you can follow. You can take whatever life throws at you, the good and the bad, and you can keep pushing through and have faith that, even if you’re dealing with more than your share of the bad, the good will come back around eventually if you just keep pushing forward. You just have to be able to recognize it and appreciate it when it does come around.

Your second option in life is to give up. To just throw up your hands and say “I’m done!” I’ve discovered something about myself through this ordeal that I never would have believed before and something I’m not proud of. It seems that I do have within me the potential to give up. To be a quitter. That’s something that’s hard for me to admit because I’ve never been a quitter at any point in my life, so to know that that potential is there and to own it is something that I struggle with. I have to make an active decision everyday to keep moving forward and to not quit and I have to rely on God every second of everyday to give me the strength to keep going because things are tough and they aren’t getting much better yet, but here’s the cool thing. If I ask God to give me the strength and the ability to keep moving forward, He will! Every single time! God doesn’t fail us and He doesn’t desire for us to fail! All my life I’ve known this to be true, but it’s become more real to me as I’ve faced these most recent circumstances.

I know I’m not the only one who has challenges in life. We all do. Some more than others, but we all have them. I guess my question to each of you who have read this post is simply this. What are you going to do with your challenges? Are you going to quit or are you going to keep moving forward and give God the opportunity to show you what He can do with your challenges? The choice is really yours and yours alone. It’s not an easy choice. Nobody ever said it would be and nobody can make it for you.

Praise God for a call from my son and a joyful Halloween on my street!

I was praying for financial favor. I get a letter in the mail stating I had been approved for a modification on my home loan! I had not even applied. God lowered my mortgage payments and a few weeks later I got a new job. The new job is just a slight decrease in pay but isn't that just like God to lower my mortgage to accommodate this new salary!! God is indeed amazing and I'm grateful.

I had requested prayer for a right knee replacement on October 12th. I'm 81 years old. God is so good! The therapists & other employees at the rehab center where I spent ten days were amazed at the progress I made. I'm still on the road to total recovery & I thank all who prayed for this "miracle". God bless you.

Praise God I heard from my granddaughter and she seemed to be in very good spirits!

I don't remember if I prayed here in the past about my uncle but I believe I did anyway must have been answered he wants to come back home I'm excited for him I hope he will get to go to nice places and meet new friends

Praise God I am feeling much better today and I heard from one of my grandsons; was able to eat a little yesterday and zoomed a meeting!

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