Answered Prayers

Prayer testimonials are true stories of the transformative power of prayer. Share your testimonies of moments when prayer has made a difference in the world around you, or times when answered prayers have changed your life.

Praise God for the help in fixing my computer regarding the hacking; and I heard from family members.

Praise God for a great day at work yesterday and for reasonable expectations regarding our P for P group.

Praise God for a lovely walk in the rain with friends yesterday and I heard from my oldest grandson.

Thank You Jehovah Rapha and Jehovah Jireh!!! You are The God Who Heals and The God Who Provides. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen! Amen!

Praise God for a lovely get together with friends from meeting who are moving to Maine very soon.

Yesterday was my First Day of School. Thank you for praying for me as I returned to work. The day went well. I am so grateful. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Your prayers truly made a difference. May God Bless all of those Staff Members and Students returning to School and College. Keep everyone healthy, safe and protected and God Bless them and their families. Thank you.

I want to Thank The Lord and Praise Him for traveling mercies; a part had come loose underneath my car Sunday night. I was app. 230 miles from home; I continued to drive and pray. God not only brought me home but I didn't check it out until this morning. The repair shop removed the part that was hanging down, only charged $10. When they explained all that could have happened, I know it was God . I'm making a long story short but I had to share my Blessing and Protection over me and my family. Thank You for praying for me and my family. Amen

Praise God for the great exercise yesterday with friends on a beautiful day, and a zoom - meeting.

Jesus has me always...the fishes and the loaves is my favorite Gospel. Thank you Jesus you never disappoint and always love me.

Thankful the small budiness keeps getting more customers

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When God answers our prayers and grants miracles in our lives, we experience the joy of renewed faith. Has prayer made a difference in your life? Share your story.