OurPrayer Wall

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for me (Lorilee ).

Please pray for my blood donation to go well - I just want to help people by donating , but my iron level was a few points low, yesterday .
Please pray my donation today is a success. Thank you

our niece, under age 30, all of a sudden has a lot of pain and virtually is unable to walk. She has had multiple MRI's and other tests and her medical team has still not been able to determine the cause. Pray for her medical team for wisdom, pray her pain to be reduced, pray for her complete healing, pray that she will become saved.

Please pray for healing for myself as I am dealing with covid. I want to continue to get well and move closer to my family.

Adjustment, provision, direction for Donna.

Please pray that God will keep me and my family safe, especially as we travel. A special request for safe travels for my great granddaughter, Lily as she travels home today. Thank you

Please thank God for my many blessings. Ask God to heal my son Jeffrey both physically and emotionally. Pray God will lead and guide Jeffrey' Medical Team and show them how to cure and heal him. In the name of Jesus. Thank You.

Dear God thank you for all you do for us Please let sonny keep his job until it is time to retire WE LOVE AND NEED YOU ALWAYS ABBA AS WE PRAISE JESUS

Lord look up on my son with the rice and mercy give him strength and courage to 515 minute depression. Comfort him bring him peace and joy let him know he can look to you for guidance and relief. He’s in a very dark place and I fear that he may not come back I price them in your capable hands and your beloved son’s name my son just

Thank you for praying for our family. Our children and our grandchildren and their significant others. Pray for each and every one of them for their health and safety. For our grandson who now lives alone and his girlfriend who moved to go to medical school. Hopefully he will not be driving around too much but if he does, please pray for him and guide him. Pray for granddaughter Lauren in medical school. Pray for granddaughter Reese who is freshman in high school. Its a new situation for her. Pray for all our daughters an for my husband who right now is not feeling well. I am still in physical therapy and hopefully after 2 more appts. will be released. Thank you for your prayers.