OurPrayer Wall

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Arlene Wallace, Deba Jones, Noelle Wehmeier, Chris Wehmeier, Kevin Jones and family, Noelle Jones, Sophia Jones, Brittney Williams and family, Hunter Wehmeier and family, Megan Wehmeier, Davis Wehmeier, Allen Harris and family, Dale Harris and family, Linda Halterman, Denny Harris and family, Maddy Bowers and family, Dale Labath and family, Donna Harris, Nancy Heerema and family, Shelly Kuehlem and family, Joe Biden, Rob Bellman, Janine Labath, Gene Jones, Noelle Harris, Pete Bushma, Mike Wallace, Sue Lowrey

Please pray for the people that battling cancer, Tomas T. Glenn, the A- family, the R- family, Mr. B-, Manuel R. Prayers for Margo, Ana Maria, Esmeralda, Anne, Courtney and Roxaane with breast cancer.

Please pray for the G- family, Hassen, having a difficult time healing from COVID, prayers for all the people hospitalized with COVID.

that olivia has a safe move & she made the best decision about getting an apartment

that I know how to take care of my aging body, mind, eyes & tony, steve, myself have the will power to lose weight, that robin, red, scott, bill, denny, shayla, john, julie are free of cancer, that robin, mark, steve, michele, olivia, taylor, jordan, madison, tanner, drew, danny, anthony, marisa, don, gayle, linda, billie, fr john, char, tony, myself are healed & all family & friends have good health,

Please pray for sisters Patty and Linda >Linda is mentally ill and diabetic, refuses to follow her diet and get vaccinated. Patty is legally blind and has other health issues. living with son is causing stress and depression cause of fiction with her daughter in law.

Lost my job please pray my unemployment goes through and I get my refund from a Hotel that over charged me need the money to get through this so my daughter and i don't become homeless i pray for a home for us and to finally have peace in our lives, thank you for your help

that dan is where God wants him to be & he makes the best decision about buying a house & renting to friends, that he has a bright future with the AF, that my life is more useful & meaningful, that our leaders work together to unite our country & all the hatred, fighting, terrorism, killing will stop & all nations recognize Jesus as our father & savior & we can all live together in peace as His children & there will be no wars, that anthony & marisa make the best decisions for their futures

Please pray for my niece, Betsy, her husband Gavin and their 8 month old baby, Grant. They all have Covid. Betsy is immune compromised and the baby is covered now in a rash. Thank you so much.

Please pray for me to heal from chronic urinary tract infection, and constant ringing in my ears, causing stress and depression, I have issues with my stomach.