OurPrayer Wall

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray that my prayers will be answered. Pray that the work on my house I have scheduled will go smooth. Pray that my husband will not start arguments with me or the workers. Please pray for peace.

Please pray for me and my family for refreshing, renewal, revival , restoration and restitution.

Thank you for our blessings Lordand the gift of your Son.Help E’s surgery to be benign&successful.Help J to be successful, problem free& very profitable now - urgent needs.Help the dishwasher, door & siding to be repaired without great expense. Help resolution of the old jobs to be without problems,the decisions about the new one to be correct,thefurnace to run right, all cars run right&taxes resolved in the best way possible.These are urgent needs. Help E's leg to be healed&all tests scores to boost her standing. Help J's neck eye, back & arm to heal without problems . Help us to have enough money to pay all bills,taxes and fees. Help the book to be a great success. Help J,E,E&N to be totally safe and healthy.Help Ronnie,Lee,Jax’s leg, Pepper,Jon and Craig to be healed completely.Help Jack to pay all rents owed now.Help the ticket to be resolved in the best possible way.Help the virus to be totally erased right now. Please bringRSbacktome.Help me to please protect our assets.Our needs are in your hands Lord. Thank you.

Lord, I love you. Forgive me of my sins and those who sinned against me. Cast down all wrong thoughts images ideals opinions acts ideas visions words thoughts and actions brought against me my daughters and granddaughter and bring them into supplication. Remove anyone or anything not of you. Surround us with legions of angels and a hedge of protection. Guide us in the way we should go and keep us in perfect peace! I decree and declare peace of mind, healthy reciprocal relationships for me/my daughters/granddaughter, for abundance, healed minds bodies and souls, for prosperity, wisdom, discernment, love, and respect. I declare and decree everything I touch prospers, for great health, healed parents, family, friends financially spiritually mentally emotionally physically, that we edify each other in thoughts words and actions and that we have divine connections and intervention. Lead us and help us reflect your image in all things. Help us be good stewards. Renew our cells and rejuvenate our brains. Renew our minds. Heal all and bless all. And so it is. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Please pray heavy for everyone in my household. I'm being spiritually attacked we all are. Please pray for our protection and safety. Think someone is doing spellwork. Please protect us God

Please pray that God will heal my eyes and my right ear and all of my allergies. Also, please pray that He will keep me and my family safe, especially as we travel. Thank you

Dear Lord Jesus bless my beautiful children bless heal & comfort Vicky, heal my left finger from the numbness and bless me with good & healthy circulation in every part of my body..all praise and glory to You in the Almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen

Thank you for your prayers
Please pray for our family
Healing for David, Dana, Daniel, Debi, Dave, Marybeth, Barry, Fred, Patrick, Pat,
Guidance for Debi, David, Dana, Daniel, Krystal, Michael, Owen, Emmalyn, Ethan, Sarah, Robert, Lawrence, Marybeth and family, Niki-Tye and families, Sarah’s family in Philippines
Guidance for selling my brother’s business and all completed by November
Recovery and protection from Covid
Social Security reconsideration
World peace, guidance for leadership and comfort for all those suffering
Our country leadership, elections, economy. Revival
May God bless you

Please pray for me to get continual sleep, I’m dealing with a stubborn spirit that won’t leave that keeps me awake I haven’t gotten a good nights rest for the whole week. Please also pray for my freedom from this spirit.

Please pray God heals Salman - of all injuries sustained in attack on his life, including saving his eye/vision, and for salvation. Thanks.