OurPrayer Wall

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for my mom (my best friend), who has been in a coma since January 10th, when she suffered two hemorrhages on her brain. The doctors are giving us very dire predictions for her future, but I know God is the one with the real say. Please pray for her healing and restoration to health, or for a peaceful passing, if it is God's will. Thank you.

I need a prayer for a miracle. I just had a baby and am engaged to be married to my childs father. She is only 5 months old. Our relationship has been long distance and has suffered many hardships that we have stuck together over 4 years. I am planning to move in two weeks to be with him and am feeling worried about rearranging my life. He has been around people that dont encourage us but rather encourage him to stray from us whenever there is a simple challenge. I am praying against their hatred and unloyalty and disrespect of our love and family and the easy way they live their life. I pray that our love and family do what God asks and to stay together over obstacles and temptations. Today, my generation always wants convenience easy fun and i dont want them praying against my heart and my family, what they always seem to do as it pleases them and fun and wayward ways and disrespect my family. We are not children, we are adults. Im very tired of the ways of these followers. i dont know that they follow anything ever except fun times.

Pray for my health and husband's health. Pray for me to lose weight. Pray for my procedure on February 4th. Pray for my cleaning out.

CALL FOR PRAYERS Please prayer of protection for me as I help to get this cleared away. I was going to relax today but something came up. It appears I have stumbled onto something that is related to the dark web. Interlinked with F., child porn, identity thief and who knows what else. OMG. Found it when I was doing some research and it is shocking.

We would greatly appreciate your urgent and earnest prayers. Our daughter is studying dance at a conservatory and has several performances this coming weekend. We ordered her some dance shorts for part of her performance attire, and the mail tracking says the package was delivered on Saturday. The package is not in her mailbox or her apartment lobby, so we’re in a bit of a panic. Please pray that God will orchestrate this situation for us and that He will open our daughter’s eyes to be able to locate the package when she looks for it again. If the package is still not located, please pray that God will provide His grace and mercy as we talk to the seller to find out if they can send out a rush order again, so our daughter can get this important part of her performance attire in time for her performances this weekend. Thank you for your urgent and earnest prayers!

Please pray for one year old Blakely Ann. Something is causing a nerve in her eye to make her eye not work correctly. A MRI tomorrow will hopefully reveal what is causing this. Please pray that it is not a tumor or anything serious that will harm her. Thank you I know she is in God's hands.

Please pray for Mary -and her kids that Gods loving arms grace kindness blessings protection salvation healing bless them financially keep them healthy and safe that holly spirit walk guide bless protect heal watch over them in Jesus loving name amen

Our next-door neighbors have always bothered us w/ their hunting dogs which yelp, & loud trucks, but recently it's been more than we can take. Their son bought a super loud truck which he parks right next to our property, & when he starts it, it scares us & our cats, really getting on our nerves. Please pray that he'll decide it's too loud & trade it in for something quiet, & that they'll stop parking close to our bedroom. I can't relax in my own home. Thank you.

Please pray for Charlene to find a meaningful path ahead, to conquer her fears and depression; pray for her to reconnect with her family; pray for Kyle and Connor to find worthy paths and jobs ahead; pray for the W family. Thank you