OurPrayer Wall

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Praise the Lord for available help with my shoulder problems. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. You are the GREAT PHYSICIAN and I PRAISE YOU!

ask pain relief for dad, ask for his attitude Lord may he be thinking he is going to get better, ask he will relax and sleep tonight,not having to get up often.

need prayers for my son Stephan & his dog/ he has requested to live with me & my other son Aaron!,/ long story, stephen has lived quite hard, but Aaron & Stephan have different views /if I open up my house lots of prayer is needed & i am coveting prayers on this situation / lots of wisdom & guidance & liberty to praise the Lord!! we will need divine unity of minds, for several monthes/ often stephen will leave, but I needs these young men to Behave....in a good way..thank you in jesus name

Please pray for good results from Kody's biopsy; no lymphoma.

Please pray for me that my girl friend Mary Ann will stay with me. Thank You

I really need prayer for my daughter. She is the most difficult child i have ever had. Please pray that i do better and can meet her needs.

Please pray my work gets better. I’m so stressed. I need help.

I have been a caregiver to my husband for 11 years. Please pray for healing of depression and anxiety.
Thank You,


Heavenly Father, Lord help me. I can't do this life without you. Everywhere I turn, there are obstacles and barriers that seem to be preventing me from walking in the plans that you have for me. I don't eat right. I don't sleep well. Nothing about my life feels wholesome or righteous. I pray continuously, and sing songs of your praise. I go to Sunday school, Worship Service and Wednesday night Bible Study. I read your word in the late night hours. I ask for a word that would bring peace. I ask for good sleep. Help me Lord, please let me know that you are here. PLEASE. I do not want to die from sadness. I do not want my heart to quiver from loniness or break because I feel abandoned. I AM HERE LORD! RESCUE ME ! IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO ! YOU ARE THE ONLY CAPABLE OF BRINGING ME OUT OF THIS STENCH OF DESPAIR! SAY THE WORD LORD ! WHISPER MY HEALING! SPEAKING FORTH MY FREEDOM, lest despair drowns me in a pool of sorrow. I am waiting Lord, in love and trust I acknowledge your Divine Sovereignty, and IN JESUS' NAME I PRAY, AMEN

Pray for my friend Keith who may have pulled a muscle in his back.Pray for total and complete healing.Pray his pain will completely go away.