OurPrayer Wall

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Lord God Almighty, we give praise for all You are doing and will do. Thank You for reviving the church in our land and for bringing spiritual awakening to unbelievers. We're grateful for the ways You're transforming our lives, restoring this great country, and making Yourself known to our fellow Americans. Lord, we may never know of all Your works, and that is all right. But we glory in the knowledge that you alone are God--the Holy One who hears the prayers of His people and beautifies the afflicted with salvation. To You be all honor, glory, and worship, now and forever, in America and all over the world. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

Father, You have taught us that the nations and peoples who claim You as Lord will be blessed and will prosper. We thank You for showing this to be true, and we thank you for Your great blessings on this country. The people of our land have turned away from Your Word--seeking the wisdom of man over the principles found in Scripture. Lord, please forgive us. Turn our hearts back to You in confession and repentance. Show our leaders there is truly no better way to govern than by obedience to You and Your commands. Help them to reaffirm our Christian heritage and reestablish Your biblical precepts as the basis of American society and law. Thank You for hearing our prayers, Father. Please continue to lead and bless this land. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Lord God Almighty, we acknowledge that You are our great Provider and Sustainer. The financial situation in this country is overwhelming for us, but from You comes all power to make wealth and to redeem us from our indebtedness. Deliver us from this crisis, Lord God. Comfort those in our nation who are hurting, and show them the unshakable foundation of Your Word. Reveal to us Your glory so that we will know You are God and from Your hand comes every good thing--including temporary things like the food we eat daily and eternal provision such as the salvation of our souls. Surely, Father, the person who trusts in You will never lack any good thing. Thank You for hearing my prayer. Thank you.

Help my dad to be able to straighten up Lord without pain, help him to be able to reach into his cupboards again and be more independant in his daily cares. Keep him ever safe Father. Keep him from flu's and colds. Help him to be a wise steward Lord of what he has.
Lord you know my need for healing of the lump in my foot it is getting smaller, may it soon go away for good and not return.

Prayers going up Lord for my dear brother, Tom, as he is in the hospital waiting results of testing to determine if he had a heart attack. Keep him in your care Lord as he goes thru this journey to recovery.


Lord help me to fully surender to you to stop drugs and vaping and cigarettes to get the evil that I know lives inside of me because of my foul mouth that just comes out of me even when I'm alone I speak evil out loud out the blue stop me from going back to wrong people out of loneliness cleanse my house and my mind and heal my body and heal my wounded soul with the blood of Jesus I'm alone I need you and Jesus now please tell me what to do for Nick and what not to do for him to get him out of jail and stop him from continuing his wrong ways around wrong people lead him to you Lord only you can help him and I we have no one else and I'm asking more than anyone could help and I don't see I earthly way possible but through you continue to keep him my whole family and myself safe from all harm physical and mentally and in sickness let no weapons formed against us prosper tell me what to do and how to pray for Ms - too in Jesus name amen

Prayers and blessings to remain a excellent faithful obedient servant for God in word and deed daily.
Prayers to be a loving, kind and stronger Christian daily.
Prayers to obey God's commandments, do God's, be a soul winner for Christ and be more like Christ daily that will be acceptable and pleasing in his sight.
Prayers and blessings that heaven will be my eternal home as well as my loved ones and my true friends.
Thank you

feeling very depressed, with broken character, not worthy for nothing, loves to be removed from earth. everyone neighbours, family friends hate me because of my character, tried a lot to change with reading bible and prayers but becomes more and more wierd and failed.

Prayers and blessings for all of our troops/military and their families daily, my minister and his family and my true friends.
Prayers and blessings for all those sick and shut in to be fully restored, all those less fortunate, going through bereavement, travelling and all those with daily prayer requests.
Prayers and blessings for all those affected by any severe disasters to soon be fully restored.
Prayers and blessings for Jarrett.
Prayers and blessings to very soon get a excellent new affordable home in a excellent, quiet and safe neighborhood.
Prayers that the merge at my church will immediately permanently terminate.
Prayers and blessings for a very prosperous in all ways, healthy, happy and blessed entire 2019 for my true friends and myself.
Thank you