OurPrayer Wall

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

I lost my husband of sixty years . It's been difficult living and doing things without him. I try to maintain my schedule . I go to seniors MWF . No matter what I do I feel incomplete. I have a friend that prays for me. I appreciate all their kindness. But when I'm alone I'm not complete

My Lord bless and heal me Lisa Tina Rebekah Natalie and give all a good happy healthy safe wonderful blessed awesome loving fun exciting mind healing stress free financially set life and Tuesday and all be great for each and pour your mighty showers of blessings upon all over and over again and bind Te Reb Nat all closely with love and kindness and protect Nat Bryan going to Slidell and back home and Nat at beauty school and keep all happy healthy and safe Lord and heal me from head to toes and pour your mighty showers of blessings upon me over and over again and bind me and my whole family together with love and kindness to all and please help me pay all my bills easily lord and bring all home safely this evening tonight and all be great for I pray and ask you all of this in thy most precious Jesus's name I pray to you my Lord amen and amen my lord Love you lord and thank you lord and thank you lord for all answered prayers my lord and for a great happy safe day for all amen and amen my awesome lord

I just made an urgent dental appointment due to a chip between a tooth & gum-line. Please pray for wisdom for Dr.- to provide proper treatment, so infection will not get into the gum & I can preserve the tooth.

Thank you.


Request for my mom jacqualyn -. Dignosed with stage 4 cancer. Pray for a miracle according to God's will. My Dad and my family needs strength.

Please pray for Our Lord to be involved in every aspect of my business and to be pleased with my work. May Our Lord bless my clients and encourage them to come to my next (last?) show. May they find things they love and will use. I am always very anxious before my show so I am most grateful for your prayers. Thank you. May Our Lord bless you in special ways this fall!

Please pray for Our Lord to bless, guide and protect my 3 brothers, 4 sisters, sister-in-law, ACTS sisters and their families. May Our Lord keep them all safe and healthy this fall. Also may Our Lord bless Jamie and Jeff with pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby. Thank you.

Please pray for Our Lord to bless, guide and protect the L family. May each family member do his/her best work today and honor Our Lord in everything! May Our Lord shine His Light on our kitchen remodeling project and have everything go on-time and on-budget. Thank you!

Please pray for my friends who are struggling with serious health issues. May Our Lord bless them with hope and patience as HE heals them. They are: Bob, Marcy, Alice, David, Burdine, Linda, Larry, Paula, Paula K, Merciline, Meg, Jane, Rosemary, Gwen, Allen, Bobye, Christina, Cole, Sue, Virginia, William, Louis, Roy, Lupe, Cora Jo, Huvar family, Bob C. and Will. Also please pray for their caregivers. Thank you. May Our Lord bless you in special ways this fall.

Praying for health and Healing for Bernard - doing surgery and Emelda - recovering from brain surgery and about to do chemo.

Please pray that my son learns to live frugally, keeps care of himself physically, and starts having higher aspirations.
Please pray that my niece Stephanie's rehab goes well.
Please pray for my Mom.Please pray for the baby Jaxon -and his family. Please pray for Todd - and his family. Please pray for the family of Ailin - and Emeline -
Thank you.