OurPrayer Wall

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

Please pray for me (Theresa).

Please Lord open the eyes of kind hearted Americans that the immigrant trains need to stay home & fix their own countries. Thank you

Please Lord Jesus, God & Holy Spirit bless me to feel your love & my family's love. Please bless them to use encouraging words. Please change my ashes to joy. Thank you

Please pray for my daughter’s marriage. Please pray that my son-in-law loses his taste for alcohol. Please pray he begins to put his wife before his dad and that his dad let’s them develop their own lives without him constantly demanding that they spend all their evenings with him. Please pray my son-in-law will give everything in him to restore their marriage and to treat his wife with kindness and to be totally devoted to her. Please pray there will be 3 in the marriage; the two of them and God instead of the two of them and his dad.

Please Lord Jesus, God & Holy Spirit take away 97 year old Cliff's fear of dying. Please bless him knowing that faith in Jesus means Heaven is a reward. He will see all his grandsons @ Thanksgiving. His nursing home costs are eating up all the money. His dementia is becoming unpleasant . Please take him home to God. Thank you

My mother's heart is in need of prayer. I am asking for prayers for my son. He has had many challenges the past few years. Please pray that the Lord will bring a miracle for good into his life. Please pray that he will find a positive job situation. He has often felt so down and defeated. Help him to become apart of a company that will value him and encourage him.

Please Lord Jesus, God & Holy Spirit bless my family this Thanksgiving holiday with travel mercies, sweet spirits & to make happy memories. Bless us with encouraging conversation. Don't let anyone feel lonely, left out or unloved. Stretch our gas & money. Provide loving help in meals. May God's grace be felt so those who aren't saved repent & be saved. Please enable me to feel cherished by Jesus. Thank you

God is good! In the name of Jesus, please pray for my son, Gabriel. Please pray he will travel safely home and that his car will work well. Please pray that the Lord will guide him and protect him.

Please Lord Jesus, Gos & Holy Spirit heal my Sister Sue during stem cell surgery on her arthritic hand on Wednesday. I hear it is painful. Many needle pricks. Please take away the pain & get excellent results. Thank you

for a miracle of healing for my mom that she makes a complete recovery from the broken hip and hip surgery, blood clot, swelling in her legs, feet, ankles, and that she walks good, keeps getting stronger and healthier, that she gets herself into bed easily without any pain at the rehab and also when she comes home that her bed is comfortable for her and she easily gets into and out of it without pain. that her heart and kidneys get healthier, that her muscles feel good, and that she has normal bowel movements without straining. that her blood sugar and blood pressure are good. that she sleeps good tonight and the nurses aides/nurses on all shifts come right away if she needs help and are nice and kind to her. that she always has her call button where she can reach it good. for her to be healed in body, mind, spirit and emotions and live many more healthy happy years. for mom and me to be filled with God's faith, hope, love, peace, joy, and have a positive faithful attitude that everything is going to work out good. for kathleen , margaret and all my family