OurPrayer Wall

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

My fiance is a new Christian. I am an old Christian. He is catching up but still spiritually dull on basic matters. Pray insight and discernment, patience & humility for me, and over all if God wants us together. He still hasn't had me meet his oldest son from his first, very bad marriage. I don't know why. I belueve he is procrastinating and tgere may be a fear of man with his 2 adult children. If so, he needs to be convicted. Im only able to trust God in this as i talk too much already. Things are frustrating but he is a good man, trying to be godly but i think hes doi g it in his strength. Or im pushing things in my strength and need to stop. Please pray.

Please pray for Our Lord to bless, guide and protect my 3 brothers, 4 sisters, sister-in-law, ACTS sisters and their families. May Our Lord keep them all safe and healthy too. Also please pray for Our Lord to bless Jamie and Jeff with a happy, healthy baby. Thank you.

Please pray God will help me get and keep my diabetes level at 101, in Jesus name. Thanks

God cover my sin so you may hear my prayers personally and for others. God whatever the sin please cover it and help me to do better. Asking for the elections today Father. Please put godly men and women in the positions open. May this change our government for the better and our country and our world.

Please pray for Our Lord to bless and guide Jim and his students this week as they prepare for a huge competition on 11/10. May Our Lord help them focus, practice diligently and do their best. May Our Lord keep Jim calm and at peace. Thank you. (Also may Our Lord bless us with an easy, uneventful trip to see this competition. More thanks!)

Please pray God will help us pay our bills and buy food, in Jesus name. Thanks

Please pray for Jimmy and Eula to be healed. Healing of the for the hips, eyes, teeth, anxiety to never come back for Eula. Healing of kidney and liver for Jimmy. Praying God will hear our prayers. May He heal all who need it. Thank you for your prayers, so appreciated.

Please pray for Our Lord to bless, guide and protect the L family. May each family member do his/her best work today and honor Our Lord in everything. May Our Lord bless me with a good night's sleep. And heal my wife's neck. Thank you.

Please pray for my friends who are struggling with serious health issues. May Our Lord bless them with hope and patience as HE heals them. They are: Cole (very serious accident), Bob, Alice, Marcy, David, Burdine, Linda, Larry, Paula, Paula K, Merciline, Meg, Jane, Eileen, Janis, Rosemary, Gwen, Allen, Christina, Sue, Virginia, William, Louis, Cora Jo, Roy, Lupe, H- family, Michael, Bob C and Will. Also please pray for their caregivers. Thank you. May Our Lord bless you in special ways all year.

please pray for ALL of my loved ones to be saved forever,for my mom to be healed,in her right mind,and not suffer,for all addictions,chronic lying,deals made with the devil,mental illness,false beliefs,unbelief,rebellion,and strongholds to be eradicated, for my daughter to get her stolen children back,for all of my family to get and keep housing and employment,and ,most of all,for family unity and eternal salvation for all.Thank you.