OurPrayer Wall

Praying for others is a way to care for someone, even if they are halfway across the world. When you pray for others, you offer them a piece of yourself, your energy, and your heart. Pray with others to feel an even deeper sense of the prayer community that sustains us through every challenge.

My daughter in law, two years ago had a very nasty rare cancer in her nose, and she went and had a 7 hour surgery and radiation treatments. Right now she has a node on the left side of her face that has grown to twice or better its size in the last six months. The doctor is looking at it as a possible return to the cancer. She also, has a sore gum on that side under a cap, when she bites down she gets a sharp pain etc. We are hoping that the node is inflamed because of the gum (possibly an abscess). She is seeing a dentist today.....whatever the prayer I am requesting is that whatever she has is something quite easy to fix and not something bad. Your prayers are appreciated.

Would like to be remarried after 17 years of being alone. Know that friend Brad -would be HEART to HEART but we had misunderstanding & because he thinks i am not "mobile" because I have left knee/ankle/foot nondiabetic neuropathy but he HURT MY FEELINGS by misjudging me. Asking Holy Spirit to convict Brad - that he is WRONG, because by Jesus stripes I am healed & my 60 year YOUNG YOUTH is RENEWED as an eagle because Brad, 58, doesn't think i can go bicycling or fishing as i would NEVER go deer hunting. Jesus bring MERCY that triumphs over Brad's judgments. I must lose weight, too!

Please pray that my son, Sean, gets work. He's been job hunting for fourteen months and has not found work. We're both desperate for an answer and are both praying. Thank you so much, Allen

Pray for my children grandkids their families and I. For guidance and protection for physical mental Financial spiritual blessings and healing. Also pray for SLC and family. Change S C in a mighty way for the best. Lord you know what areas that he needs to change in. Let thy will be done in Jesus name

To find work right away !God help

For a good job with good pay an steady work for guidance an protection for my grandchildren and family for Nicholas -to be released from prison for success and happiness an prosperity to be delivered from drugs and alcohol to keep evil away from me and my grandchildren and family in Jesus name Amen

Please pray for my husband Phil,has been having problems with his memory and pain in his foot and leg,the doctor ordered many tests ,please pray they come back good and find the root of the problem,please pray it's not alzheimer's, for his father had it and later died. Also please pray for my grandson Leland ,having problems in first grade with spelling and he worries,feels worthless,he feels like he can't learn it,it's affecting his well being. Also pray for unsaved loved ones. Thank you.

Prayers that I was incorrectly told what my monthly pay would be, thank you for your prayers.

Please Dear Lord provide the housing that my son Rocky needs now that he is homeless. Rocky suffers also with mental illness. Heavenly Father I ask You to place people with Rocky who will work for Rockys needs. I ask You Lord to bless Rocky with keeping his car in good running condition especially keep his cars ignition system from freezing up again. Surround Rocky in Your white light of protection keeping him from any harm.

Healing from stroke symptoms for Christine, yeast infections and immobility for Lillie in nursing home