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Dear God, please let my breast biopsy show NO CANCER. Please, I am sick with worry-

Lord Jesus/ pls pray that the fake paper trail 1st,2nd notice of annual recertification, then note to move out posted by my apt mgr, after we had agreed/attended to date) is exposed and canceled by the landlord in writing, that IJesus would make a way for me to meet and speak with the landlord and for me representative in a timely time and that the landlord would have Compassion on me in Jesus'nameamen.

Dear Lord,

I am praying for some money to come. I am praying for a new permanent job to come. I am praying to get married at the end of the year to a husband with mean. I am praying for a health healing. I am praying for protection and safety. In Jesus almighty name I pray with thanksgiving. Amen.