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Please help build and boost my daughter Elizabeth's spiritual journey and pray that our dear Lord can lead her from the dark to the light.

For my mom to be healed of atrial fibrillation and for her heart rate and heart rhythm to. Be normal. For her arm to be healed of the red mark from where they tried to put in some fluid,dye for the echocardiogram and that she doesn,t have any bruising or bleeding. For her Coumadin levels to come down to normal and that she feels stronger and regains her appetite and has normal bowel movements. That her kidney function gets better too and her digestion is healed and she is healed of gas. That my breathing and lungs and blood pressure are healthy. That mom and me have healthy good air outside and inside our house

Please pray for jake to get the right job in the right location and pray for him, kaleb, Emily and Kiersten. Please pray for the country and for leaders who want Christian values and work for the people. Please pray for good over evil and corruption. Please give thanks the lord is orchestrating everything