A Ray of Hope for a Military Mom

During a time of discouragement, an unexpected answer to a prayer

Posted in , Dec 15, 2016

A ray of light for a military mom

I’m a rainy-day sort of girl. I love sitting inside or even on a porch, watching the life-giving rain pour down. But one year, even I was sick and tired of a series of gray, wet days. Our son was stationed eight hours away from home, and it seemed like every other leave was cancelled for some reason or another. 

I had out my Bible, but I wasn’t finding the words comforting. I didn’t want to read about God, I wanted Him to show up. I wanted Him to break through and show up in a big way.

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The rain slackened and quit, so I moved to the back porch—sick and tired of being stuck inside. As I sat there, the clouds parted and a perfect shaft of sunlight poured through, bathing me in golden warmth. Perched in that glow, I felt like God had parted the clouds just for me.

I was reminded that He’s still here, no matter how the storms of life rage around me. That ray of sunlight melted my discouragement and replaced it with hope. I would see my son soon, and in the meantime, God was still God, and He was taking care of us both. 
The postscript to this story is later that afternoon our son showed up with an unexpected few days off. God does hear the cries of our hearts and is there when we need Him.

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